Seen the Vintage Jumbos? Here's the M/L...

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  1. Hello everyone! I just went to the PO today to pick up this baby!:yahoo: I first saw my good fren A carry this on our last TPF meet and boy, was I in love! Finally found mine on ebay last week and seriously, this is the caviar that started my whole love affair with Chanel. It is so well-constructed and literally indestructable...yet surprising light! The caviar is shiny and makes the perfect backdrop for the bright gold and huge vintage CCs. The strap is a single one with a thin leather piece to be rested on the shoulders and it can be carried messenger style, like a regular flap (if you shorten it from the inside) and kelly style. And for reference, the length of the bag is 10 inches with a single flap.


    I can't believe this is a 3-series bag with absolutely no wear on the caviar, except for some very fine hairline scratches on the CCs.


    Thank you Authenticators, esp Princess Sophie for helping me ascertain the authenticity! Modelling pics in the action thread later! Thank you for letting me share:P

  2. Fantastic flap find! Congrats and enjoy!
  3. Beautiful! I love this bag, but vintage caviar in general always appears brand new. I hope the same is true for modern day caviar 10 years from now, but I doubt it. Congrats.
  4. Nice find!
    Many congratulations to you and enjoy :biggrin:.
  5. Congrats E! Looking forward to seeing you carry this tomorrow
  6. Beautiful, beautiful find!! Congrats!
  7. Lovely!!! COngrats!
  8. You are sooooo lucky!! I was lucky to score a Vintage 5-series in BNWT condition just week!! Now yours look so divinely new!! I love it!!

    I love how finding extremely RARE good VINTAGE are!!

    Congrats!! Give me some of your luck! I need more of it!
  9. Amazing! Vintage looks so good! What a great find. :smile:
  10. Vintage caviar is so much harder to find than vintage lambskin! Congrats on scoring a such a beautiful piece!!!:tup:
  11. Wow! I just love it! Congratulations!!
  12. Congratulations! I'm loving the vintage flap. It's probably my favorite vintage bag I've seen so far!
  13. Awww I love it! Congrats stef!
  14. Oh, congratulations to you :biggrin: I can't wait to see your stunning modeling pictures with this one! Yaay, congrats :biggrin:
  15. congrats on the rare vintage find!