Seen the new Louboutin book?

  1. While I was at CLLA today, I saw a small CL book with help from David Lynch. It's a small book but since I collection fashion books I bought it. OMG! So racy. I guess that's why they call it FETISH. Anyone esle seen this?
  2. i flipped through it last week while in the store. there was a whole exhibit in NYC with the photos about a month ago.
  3. Yes, I actually got the book! It is very interesting, and some photos are actually a bit scary. But very interesting nonetheless.
  4. :roflmfao: totally agree.
  5. I want to see it. Where can you get it?
  6. Agreeeee! :rolleyes:
  7. I got mine as a gift from the CL boutique. But I think that you can buy it at any CL boutique and probably Amazon?
  8. ^ you got it as a gift? how???
  9. Probably for being a good customer. I got a $70 Manolo Blahnik candle as gift from Footcandy after buying my third pair of CLs there.

  10. I have a good relationship with 2 SAs at CL and I spend so much on Louboutins, I guess it was a thank you token for burning a hole through my Amex there.
  11. Anybody have a link on Amazon??
    Sounds interesting!
  12. hm. Maybe I should start buying from Foot Candy more often!

    I just tried searching on Amazon and couldn't find it on there. Is it only being sold in the CL boutiques?