Seen coco cabas in stores lately?

  1. Does anyone know where I can buy brand new coco cabas? And how much will they cost now, after the price increase?

    Will the chanel boutiques have coco cabas in stock again? I am so in love with that bag but couldn't find it in any chanel boutiques. :crybaby: I have asked the SA in several boutiques but they are not sure if chanel will be carrying coco cabas again. :sad: please help. thanks!
  2. there is a black on at the toronto holt boutique :smile:
  3. and a white one at Saks Beverly Hills.
  4. I saw one in black at the chicago store 6 days ago. You could try calling them
  5. Where abouts r u?
  6. In the past month I've seen a few black ones at the Chanel Boutique in Houston Galleria, Neimans at King of Prussia Mall, and Saks in Bala Cynwyd Pennsylvania.
  7. Black at NM San Antonio
  8. i got a call from Lucas at MoA today about the khaki baby cabas...
  9. There was a khaki Cabas in Selfridges London today..... I think i heard the SA saying they had about 3
  10. NM Beverly Hills had two black ones back on the 10th of this month...could check there - ask for Janine.
  11. What is the current price?
  12. At NM Beverly Hills, I think I remember her saying $1,995.00...

    Contact Janine...310 550 5900
  13. It is 1995!
  14. they had one at NM in Palo Alto, CA last week - 650-329-3300
  15. Thanks sooo much for all of your help. I am in Asia now but have a friend currently travelling in Paris. I will ask her to drop by London selfridges to get it for me. THankssss!! I am soo happy now and cannot wait for my friend to come back. Will post picture once I get it! :smile: