Seen Beige Jumbo anywhere lately?

  1. i've hunting for a beige caviar jumbo with silver chain girls :smile::graucho: seen one recently? thanks :heart::smile:
  2. Check Neiman Marcus in White Plains, NY. They had one there a few days ago. It was beautiful. Good luck.
  3. I believe Topanga Nordstrom's also had one but that was a few weeks ago.
  4. thanks girls! ohh has anyone seen it in Saks though? i live in CA and i wanna get tax exempted heh heh hehhh :graucho::p
  5. ok here's the thing girls- apparently the beige caviar jumbo is extremely hard to find?! it's sold out in saks and neiman nationwide and i think in chanel boutiques too! i called both NM in white plains and Nordstrom in topanga along with many other saks and NMs, all sold outttttt. ohmygoddddd.
  6. Neiman @ Fashion Island newport beach had one yesterday.
    Good luck.
  7. Omg Thanks Im Gonna Call Right Now!
  8. ohmygod the SA just told me: "we don't have anything in beige". someone shoot me please.
  9. Try my SA, Deltse. Her number is 248-808-0712. If it's out there she'll get it. Please tell her April referred you.
  10. Oh yeah i've called her yesterday! she said it's out of stock :crybaby:and i just rang wynn vegas and the SA did a check of all chanel boutiques nationwide. guess what? completely sold out. im seriously depressed right now. just as when i was finally going to get a jumbo, my dream bag [well second best to violet jumbo] has to be sold out! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  11. Try Saks in Richmond, VA. I could have sworn that they said they had a beige a few days ago....

    I was calling about something else and an SA told me that.

    Good luck
  12. Try the Saks stoe in Beachwood, Ohio. They had one last week, but it may have been last years' color.:smile: Hope you find it!
  13. Thank you so much girls for replying! No one else seems to really care.. :sad: im gonna call once they open at 10am! will update! wish me luck!
  14. Update: gone gone gone :crybaby:
  15. Sorry! It's a beauty. I was trying to find one too, but gave up.