Seen baby cabas' in stores lately?

  1. Okay so I know that there's a few threads around of people looking for the coco cabas so it seems kind of repetitive.

    But I'm looking for the baby cabas preferably in white! (black is okay too) Has anyone seen one in store lately and/or does anyone know the price of the bag?
    There's a black one coming to Toronto and the said she will definately be calling me when it comes in, but I really don't want to pay 2075 for the bag.

  2. ty!!
  3. Saw a black one last night at NM Natick, not sure about the $$, didn't check.
  4. 2075 is before tax or after? I think the price is not bad since in US it is $1995 before tax.BTW, I just got one at us$2175 after tax.
  5. its 2075 before tax (14% sales tax)...
    it might be better for me to buy in the US now though with dollar parity and everything :smile:
    also if i go to detroit it's only 6% tax!!
  6. yeah u should def buy it in U.S cuz of the dollar parity. they should still have some left. last i checked there was one in seattle. that was like a week or two ago tho.
  7. i just received a bronze baby cabas from SFA in NY, the price is $1995 USD. They will ship to another state as a gift and you won't have to pay tax! Just tell them to ship it as a gift!:woohoo:
  8. Sorry if I sound silly or ignorant... but is Baby Cabas considered a classic piece or a seasonal piece? I am now weighing my options to see if I should purchase the baby cabas or the medallion tote before the looming price increase in Nov! :tdown:

    If someone could enlighten me, that would be great! Thanks!
  9. ^ the baby cabas is a seasonal piece
  10. there are more in Nordstrom MOA! good luck!