Seen any ovals recently?

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  1. Hi All! Does anyone know where to find an oval, preferrably in black, ink, or anthricite? (Some dark color)? Thanks!!!!
  2. the only oval i've seen is white at BArneys in BH. you might call them anyway and see if they have any in the back - the always have "hidden" stock!
  3. Oval was discontinued after FW 06 - so no anthracite.
  4. balNy might still have the oval in them:smile:
  5. When I ordered my black, I checked with BalNY and they only had white and truffle left. I got my black at Barney's - maybe they have more left?
  6. I know Balenciaga Paris has one in rouille, not dark, but at least its not light either. Not sure if they have a black or not.
  7. Barneys Seattle has one Black Oval left.
  8. I went to Barneys BH last saturday. there are 2 oval clutch in white (maybe more at the backroom). lots of first and day bags in diff colors (thats new from their usual all blacks) teal, apple green, greige...etc.

    hope it helps:smile:
  9. Thank you all for your help! I just bought a mini-bowling, and I'm going to call around these places for an oval! :tup:After that, I may have to take it easy for a while.
  10. Barney's claims to be utterly out of the oval clutch.

    However, BalNY has one left in truffle.