Seen any Grey CLs?? (4 in heel)

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  1. I know there was a thread earlier about grey. I am looking for some grey CLs....I like the patent grey Rolando-but have not seen them anywhere~OR~ a silvery gray python? Do you have any suggestions? I am a shortie, so I like higher heels!!
  2. The closest I have seen are the new simple pump ( in pewter. There is a silver greasepaint NP that someone posted a few days ago. There is also a VP Burma on line at and I was advised that they may still be in some NM stores.

    Have you called a CL boutique?
  3. There is a silver NP at the boutiques or you can get the pewter NP
  4. In the other grey thread, I suggested calling CL in BH because they had a light grey patent Oh My Sling (4 inches) last time I talked to them. Here is a picture.

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  5. I've seen the patent grey Rolandos at Barneys.