seen any fake damier speedy yet?

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  1. or any of the newer LV items? or does it usually take awhile for the fakes to be produced?

    TIA. just curious.
  2. I have yet to see anyone around here carrying a fake damier Speedy, but I am sure they probably exist. The only fake damier I have ever seen in person was a fake damier Navona. Give it time; they'll start appearing.
  3. i've seen some fake ones on ebay already
  4. I saw a fake damier backpack style in a designer consignment shop about two weeks ago.
  5. I haven't seen as many damier fakes as I have of the monogram line. Too understated, perhaps?
  6. I think it's pretty hard to tell ..I haven't seen anyone carry damier speedy in general.
  7. There were fake ones on ebay long before they ever started selling them. I've never seen one in person though. In fact, I've never seen anyone carrying a real one in my area except for me!
  8. Just for you


    So so many of them


  9. I haven't seen any in person.
  10. my thoughts :throwup: :throwup: :throwup: :throwup:
  11. Yuck.
    I've never seen any in person either..
  12. I saw a fake speedy today!

    The girl used it as a shoulder bag! ew