Seen an unusual Fendi - Any clues as to which it is?

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  1. this is the fendi baguette if im not mistaken .. and i GUESS its fake? the bag looks odd a little bit and the handles are longer than usuall baguette handles .. im not a fendi expert so i might be mistaken ...
  2. Hi - thanks for the name - Im not entirely sure you are right...

    Ive been in touch with the seller and it is absolutely 100% authentic. The provenance of the bag is a member of the British Royal family - Ive seen the evidence...rather impressive..

    Apparently it was one that was made for her - hence the longer strap. She just never used it. Oh my!

    I think I may get hold of Fendi and do some more research into this - oooo, this is funnnnn! Sherlock Holmes at your service - lol

    I'll keep you posted...
  3. OMG, it looks like candy!
  4. If it is authentic, then it is a bag that was made in the 80's due to the inner metal plaque and zipper pull. I would want to see the magnetic front clasp in order to make a more definitive authentication.
  5. It's definitely a baguette. They sell diff. bags in different locations, so just b/c no one has seen it, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist somewhere! I think it is beautiful. If it's real, buy it, it's gorgeous!
  6. Thanks for that - I will email the seller - I am pretty convinced it's real - the 80's vintage would make complete sense because of who it belonged to.... It was her, shall we say, 'golden hour' and so it would tie in perfectly.

    I'll let you all know!

  7. WEIRD:::: LOOKS LIKE A FAKE BAGUETTE...... :confused1:
  8. IF it is real, as it could be (as A.the price is a little too good to be true for a special order fendi or such beadwork B. It is not the regular size. It looks large enough to be a mama but its the right shape, so thats a little worrying) its a pretty bag. My concern is firstly if its a special order bag (which Fendi REALLY does not do that often, unlike, LV) isnt that an impossibly low price? Why would someone want to LOSE money?

    Never the less if you do trust the proof, as I said it could all be true then yay for you, then go for it! And enjoy!
  9. Ladies - just to let you know - it IS a special bag - it was designed as a one off for Sarah, Duchess of York in the 80's. I believe the seller put the photo of the metal clasp on the front - the bad news is the handbag has been taken off sale - she realised exactly what she had and couldn't let it go for peanuts.

    Oh well!!
  10. Really? I'm surprised the Fendi would use the wrong hardware for a one-of bag because that means they had to have wrong hardware in stock and only use it for this bag. The metal clasp on the front is always a square. Any ones with a circular clasp are fake. Is it possible that the seller is lying about the original owner, and because Fendi is now more aggressively pursuing fake handbag listings on ebay, the listing has been taken down for that reason?
  11. I'm in total agreement. That bag just looks OFF. The size, the shape, the proportion -- everything is telltale of a knockoff. And the nail in the coffin is definitely the wrong hardware -- Fendi magnetic clasps are always square. Sorry, elaborate stories with little chance of verification -- definitely another telltale sign that someone is trying to pull one on ya! Be thankful she decided she "couldn't part with it"!
  12. Thanks for all your ideas folks

    I've been in touch with the seller and she is horrified that there have been a few negative comments!!

    As I have bought from her before (a Louis Vuitton and it was completely real) I am rather sorry that I started this thread, as it's putting her in a bad light and I didn't mean to do that.

    It was slightly daft of me to not ask her in the first place but she was on hols and her PA didn't know at the time so I went ahead and posted in here.

    Anyway - she is very keen that no-one here thinks she is selling any fakes - so if anyone wants proof, she has suggested you PM me and I can give you her email address so she can provide the paperwork required.

    Me and my big mouth.....:shame:

    Have a good Chrimbo all!