Seen a sophia..that is authentic anywhere?

  1. Hi..I'm desperate for a Sophia in something other than pink..anyone know of any out there???
  2. Most places that had sales are sold out of the Sophias now. Of course, there happens to be a pink one on sale on NAP. You can try Ebay, or call an MJ store, I'm sure they have some but they won't be on sale. Sophias are discontinued this season.

    Good Luck!
  3. There were several Black Sophias at Neiman Marcus in Newport Beach, California (Fashion Island) a few weeks ago, I haven't been there recently so I'm not sure about availability.
  4. I saw a Sophia this weekend at the Off 5th Saks outlet in Cabazon (near Palm Springs, CA). I don't know if they ship, but it was a minty green with either a black or really dark chocolate suede lining. It has sorta dull, vintage looking brass hardware and was on sale for under $400. I don't know if the bag has the "name" on the tag, but you could try calling them and describing the bag--i.e. medium-sized shoulder bag with two outer pockets and a zipper in the front. All the other MJ bags were small ones, so I think they'd get it right... And you can return items within 30 days, even sale items.

    I'd try giving them a call.... Their number is (951) 849-8415, They probably open at 10am PST.
  5. I think they do ship from what I heard... Great find!
  6. I have a MP in that same color, my first MJ purchase. I really love it. It goes with so many different outfits. I have worn it with casual items and with dresses/skirts.
  7. I have a Spearmint Blake and it's a stunning color. People always compliment me on the bag--I think it's due to the unusual color. It's actually a really versatile color. I wear it with black, grey, denim, brown, navy blue, etc.
  8. You girls are really making me want to buy the bag!!!!!!!!!!!:girlsigh: