Seen a Blue Tweed at Outlet?

  1. Have any of you seen any of the midnight blue tweed soho bags at outlets near you? I would love to find one and didn't get it while it was in the store. I've never called an outlet to do a charge send but I'm guessing it can be done. Thanks!
  2. Not coach and ask about where they are...
  3. I haven't seen one, though I did see a white tweed wristlet there awhile back, it must have been a store transfer. Good luck finding a blue tweed bag though!
  4. didn't they have those at woodbury?
  5. I *think* I saw those the last time I was at the Hagerstown, MD outlet but I can't be 100% sure.
  6. You guys are great, thanks so much! I'm going to call Woodbury and Hagerstown and see what I find.
  7. Are you talking about the one with the little flowers on it, it also came in an ivory color or is it the made for outlets tweed? I may go up to the outlet by me...if I do go I'll check for you.
  8. They are at the Jeffersonville, Ohio outlet mall as of yesterday with matching hat and coat.
  9. Yes, the one with the flowers. Thanks!
  10. Well, It was for nothing anyway. :sad: Ijust made some calls and found out they don't do charge sends. Anyway, the Hagerstown outlet said they will be getting more "new" stock in next weeks so I may try to get there next week. It's only about an hour from my house it's just making the time to get there.

    Thanks for all the help!
  11. I didn't see the bags but I saw the wristlets at the outlet yesterday.