seems to me that...

  1. a lot of us ladies are either filthy rich or hv loads of credit card bills..which one are u?
  2. well... i would have money if i saved but nope!!! cc!
  3. Neither.
    And I suspect that will be the majority.
  4. Same here babydee lol
  5. mine is debit so i dont worry about putting my self in debt!
  6. so...i take it that u all just have a huge lump sum of savings???
  7. I am not going to comment but will say this: does it really matter? Let's just enjoy the bags, shall we?:flowers:
  8. not rich and no debt, when I can afford something I get it, but the $1000 mark or so is my limit (unless it's a very special situation), I have to know I can pay the bill when the cc statement comes.
  9. Neither. I save, spend, and budget wisely. I make a comfortable salary but I am DEFINITELY not rich.
  10. Same as jane, not really either.
  11. Not rich, and no debt (thank God) (been there done that).

    I am very lucky to have a hubby who supports my bag addiction.

    Also, when I buy something new, I usually sell something old to kind of make up for it, if it's a big purchase.
  12. :yes: I agree with that 100%...
  13. neither me or my bf are rich, but i made sacrifices for my bags.
    and i never want to use CC, i always use debit, so at least i'm poor but not in debt :P (not much anyhow) LOL
  14. Amen to that!:yes: So many people are interested in knowing how people pay for their bags. I don't really care. Just show me what you bought.
  15. i wanna enjoy my indulges..but then...sometimes i feel im spending waaaay too much on these bags
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