seems LV is not perfect

  1. i was thinking to exchange my white MC pouchette to [​IMG] Azur pouchette, since the MC 's color can be rubbed off, but this morning i saw another girl talked about her Azur's color was transfered. that's so sad,

    so i guess i will keep my MC,.

    seems like Mono is the most durable. :confused1:
  2. keep's cute and colorful...will go with anything u wear :smile:
  3. My Azur's fine. No probs. Speedy Damier is excellent. But stay away from suede. They are lovely but a nightmare to care! But I still love them!
  4. What do you mean by Azur's color is transferred?
  5. Awww I hate color transfer!!

  6. I think someone posted on here about color fading onto their new item.
  7. If u really like the MC, then yes, u should keep her. But if u find urself having 2nd/3rd/etc thoughts on exchanging the MC for the Azur 'cos u find that u like the Azur more, then maybe u should exchange it. Not that I'm discounting the color transfer "incident" with the azur in the other thread but that's the first instance of that that we've heard of (up till now...). So we're not sure if that's a production problem with the line or is it a one-off case. In any case, u'll still face the possible problem of the MC rub-offs. Even with mono there have been instances of rub-offs that I've read off...maybe the other way is to exchange for store credit and then decide later 'cos at least u can hold on to the store credit longer?!:smile:
  8. I like the multicolor.
  9. LOL I feel bad that i've made others worried... but I guess it's good for others to know that they have to be careful with the Azur!
  10. Is anyone else devastated with the realization that Louis Vuitton is not perfect?