seems like i will never get the HH clutch wallet.

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  1. I ordered the clutch in october to have the order pushed and pushed until I received a refund 2 months later.

    I finally receive one today to find out that the turnlock was not even a flip down as listed in the description and the "new" wallet reeked of cig smoke. Now i'm in the process of returning it. :sad:

    HH says 2/14/10.. but is it really going to be available 2/14/10?

    siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. :pout:
  2. Wow! That is awful!! What color did you get? A lot of HH items are back ordered till who knows when. There are tons of us waiting on things where the dates keep getting pushed back. They have been known to ship things that are not as described. Was this a sample or a regular item? I just can't believe they have the nerve to send a used item, but they have done this to me before. It is hit or miss lately w/ them. They used to send great quality items , but things have been really shady with them. I would call on Monday. I hope you get this straightened out.
  3. Vanillabean, that's a bummer. What color are you looking for?

    I see lots of Clutch Wallets on bonanzle, some of them sold by trustworthy Hotties. You might keep an eye out there.

    I honestly don't know what to tell you about HH. I'm waiting on a bag I'm not sure will ever come... I've been waiting a long time too.
  4. UGH.
    That just bites.
    How are they sending out obviously used STINKY items as new??
    How stupid do they REALLY think we are??
  5. I should have been more clear. I am looking for the onyx one.

    The stinky used one I got from the bay after months of stalking it. Such a disappointment. :tdown:
  6. Bummer! I am really sorry to hear that. Were you able to return it ok? I have to be honest, I am wondering if HH is going to even have any more of those wallets. I know that sounds nuts, but it has been a very long time since I have seen any on HH's website. There was some website that had a few for sale, along with some carryalls. What was the name of that place?
  7. Crap.... That might be it. I seem to remember that you could see what they had somewhere, tho.... ugh
  8. *gasp!* i do see it on the front page tho! I sent them an email and I will probably give them a call tomorrow! thanks ambassadorbri and eye heart bags! i'll give an update when I find out!
  9. vanillabean- i see a black clutch wallet on the HH sale page...hopefully you should be able to get one!!
  10. Let us know what happens, vb!
  11. They do not have anymore in stock and do not foresee getting anymore. They referred me to purchase it off of the HH site. sigh.. if only it were that easy. :Push:
  12. Try RAPT boutique??