Seems as if nothing is included in this PCE...

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  1. Just got back from boutique and was told basically nothing is included on this PCE event. New floor line is being put out Friday and SA said that nothing (including accesories) can be used with PCE. But she said the stuff is so cute that it woudln't even matter.... sure.... then that stuff will be included next PCE.. seems like I understand how this operates!

    I also saw at Von Maur a new darker red Zoe signature bag. Sorry no pics! That purse will be out on Friday at boutiques as well!
  2. i know i was so dissapointed.. i wante the python capacity pouch :sad:

  3. Well they are not going to be making a lot of money off of this event then. So stupid!!
  4. Exactly. Why bother with the event at all if everything is excluded. I think they are really going to lose alot of money from this event. Maybe they will see the huge drop in sales from the this event compared to the last one. Hopefully there will be one in September. I'm not holding my breath.
  5. please join the exclusions thread in our Coach PCE Forum.
  6. Well thats kind of weird because there are a lot of coachies that are able to use their PCE on accessories as well...:confused1: I'm confused then... I hope my SA's are nice enough to at least let me use my PCE on accessories
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.