Seems a bit silly to me...

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  1. ...that all these girls are hiding such FABULOUS footwear under their too-long leg pants! C'mon girls - we all paid good money for our favorite little high heeled jewels and we all know how fabulous they make out feet and legs look so lets bring them out from under those pant legs and show them off a bit - please!

    I can tell you one thing for sure from working in ladies footwear for awhile. The girls who show their fabulous shoes certainly do get a lot more attentiion AND admring glances from other women!

    And besides... what better way to make friends than to start a converstion with "Wherever did you get those fabulous heels? " - LOL

    Thats my opinion... Let's hear yours.

  2. I partially agree.

    There are some truly gorgeous shoes that just beg to be seen, but I do love the look of a pointy toe embellished pump under a pair of long trousers.
  3. I have a friend who is 4'11, and she wears her pants literally touching the ground because she thinks it makes her legs look longer. Underneath those pants are the most unbelievable shoes, but you NEVER see them...she may as well be wearing the same pair of heels every time she leaves the house!!!
  4. I dunno...time and place for everything.

    I don't dress for a party to attend a meeting in the boardroom, and vice versa.
  5. Pants, IMO, should be worn to just about touch the floor. They shouldn't actually touch, but they should be no more than half an inch or so off the floor no matter what shoes you are wearing. This elongates the legs, and is simply a question of a more flattering fit. (This is why I have separate pants and jeans, hemmed to different lengths for flats versus heels, and I try to keep the heels I buy somewhat consistent at 3-3.5".)

    As far as the shoes, I agree that it's nice to show off a more unique pair of shoes, especially if they have special details on parts of the shoe that pants would hide (such as an ankle strap); but it seems to me this is best done by wearing those particular shoes with a dress or a skirt, not by wearing one's pants shorter.

  6. That's what skirts are for!
  7. You are so right! If you have a gorgeous pair of heels - show them, right?!