Seeking your opinion on LV satin heels :)

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  1. They are super hot! I prefer the black!!
  2. I also think the black would be nice.
  3. mmm~~ may be i should buy them :smile:
  4. I like the black. Eek thats a VERY GOOD DeAL GET THEM!! I'd get them if my feet were as tiny as yours!
  5. DONT GET THE COLORS! this happened to me with a similar shoe, and i went for the pretty colors. i have no outfits to match! i almost never wear them.
    black is a very versatile color.
  6. :wtf: oh~those colors look so pretty in photos tho~lol

    may be black is more practical:yes:
  7. I have a pair of these in pink and they were fine for the first 15 minutes of wearing them...but the rest of the feet were dying! It didn't help that I had to walk roughly 3 blocks in them (damn San Francisco parking!). I guess if you are used to wearing heels (which I'm sooo not) then it won't be as bad.

    And that is a good price for a brand new pair :smile: I got mine for $350 brand new off ebay too.
  8. ah~ icic...I'm okay with medium heel, but not very high heels

    But i think i would only wear those on special occasions..not everyday bases

    so tempted to buy them!!
  9. Those are sooooo cute!!! I really want the red/black ones. I think the black ones are really cute, too, though! get them!:nuts:
  10. omg those are so beautiful!
  11. Those are beautiful! I'd go with black. I would be afraid to buy them in a color and then never find anything to match.
  12. they're cute but I've seen way way too many knock offs of these shoes and honestly no one will know these are lv shoes. My friend has red wanna be shoes like these so I can't say I'd buy them.
  13. that's true..have seen so many look a likes..

    *in an undecided state*:shrugs:
  14. Personally, I don't think that should be an issue. As long as YOU know they are quality LV pieces, then that's all that matters! I've actually owned a pair of the wannabe ones in red...but they didn't fit right + the quality wasn't so great. They looked nice, but they just felt cheap. I'm so much happier with my LV pair :yahoo: