Seeking to Save Shelter Dogs from Death

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    "NEW YORK (AP) -- Sweet William, a young black Labrador retriever in Illinois, has two days to live.

    Sandy, a golden female Jindo in New York, also has just two days left. Kate Hepburn, a tan female boxer in California, has 18 days to live.

    On Saturday, these were some of the dogs in shelters across the country slated for death -- their fate posted on a Web site that aims to save their lives by offering them for adoption.

    Each is tagged with a death date set by a shelter -- and a countdown clock showing the days, or hours, until the animal is destroyed. works with more than 120 shelters nationwide that destroy dogs. How much time the dogs get before death varies from state to state. In New York City, for instance, a stray dog must be kept a minimum of three days, while a shelter has the legal right to immediately destroy an animal that is abandoned there by its owner.

    About 4 million dogs are put to death each year in the United States, by injection or gas.

    In the three weeks since the site has been up, dozens of dogs have found new homes. Their photos are posted on a section of the site marked ''Success Stories.'' The images of dogs that didn't make it adorn the site's ''In Memoriam'' wall.

    ''It's not the fault of the shelters,'' said Alex Aliksanyan, a pet adoption advocate who made money in the Internet travel business. ''They don't like doing this, but they have to abide by the law, which requires a shelter to control its animal population.''

    Aliksanyan spent a half-million of his own dollars to start The Buddy Fund Inc., a nonprofit organization that operates the site and is named after his miniature American Eskimo dog.

    ''I've done well, and it was time to give something back,'' said the 50-year-old Turkish-born entrepreneur of Armenian heritage. ''So I thought, let's bring the story of these animals dying quietly in these shelters to the public and say, 'Can you do something?'''

    He hired a half-dozen staffers to manage and market the site. Shelters post information about each dog directly, with daily updates and information on how each shelter can be contacted. Aliksanyan ships out free digital cameras and software for the task.

    A shelter can sometimes delay a dog's death date -- if it has room in its kennel and few new strays coming in. A death date can get moved up, too, if the shelter becomes overcrowded.

    The adoption service is free both for shelters and people looking for pets, allowing users to search by location, breed or time until death.

    The in-your-face site, Aliksanyan said, ''is not a place to sit with your 6-year-old and say, 'This one's going to die, that one is going to die.'''

    He said he is driven by the philosophy of the Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, whose words are posted over the ''In Memoriam'' page: ''The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.''


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    I went to the website ^^^^ and found this dog that only has 2 days left before he is euthanised. Here is a link to Spot:

    There's thousands of dogs that need homes. Please donate or give some of these dogs a home. I wish I could take them all. Looking at some of these photos just make me cry, knowing some of these dogs only have a few days left.
  2. fayden - that's a really great thing he's done.

    i don't have the stomach to look at the site, though -- i get mine from rescues that have already pulled them from the shelters. blessings upon the people who do that for those of us who aren't as strong.
  3. dressage queen- thanks for replying. i was getting really depressed that no one was going to reply and it went ignored.

    i know the website is really hard to stomache. i've been to it a few times and everytime i look it's hard not to cry. but someone's got to visit these dogs and know they did at once exist before they get put down. and if they're one of the lucky ones, i'll see their photos in the success stories posted.
  4. Fayden I'm glad you posted this... I agree it's a really hard to thing to look at, and it makes you want to take them all, but I'm glad someone is bringing it all to light like that. It hurts my heart to see these dogs-- they just seem so innocent and undeserving of their fate. That guy is amazing for donating all of his money for this cause.
  5. ;-; I just donated.I wish i could take all of them with me too,but i live in an apartment that allows us to just have one dog,and i did get her from a shelter.
  6. I know there are many dogs who need saving, but this one really affected me. I wasn't sure where to put him, but maybe we can have a general thread of individual dogs we hear of in different areas. I saw this posted on another board:

    This sweet boy is nothing but a lover. He is a larger dog, but try telling him that. When you walk in the kennel with him, he crawls on your lap, snuggles up and just shakes.
    He was an owner surrender at the shelter. When his owner brought him in he had the most confused, terrified look on his face. He sat in the corner, and shook... too scared to move, but too scared to even lay down.
    The shelter has tried and tried to find him the right home. But nobody seems to want him. so day after day, little Aussie sits at the shelter... pleading to be rescued.
    Aussie has been at the shelter for over a month. The shelter is extremely full, and if he can't get to a resuce or home very soon, his chanes of euthaniasia are high.
    The shelter called me today to see if i could spread the word about him one last time, because after that... he will die.

    Aussie is about 5 years old, he is already neutered and up to date on shots. He is obedicence trained, and so smart!!!!! He loves to give kisses!

    Why someone dumped him... will never be known. He is good with other dogs, likes everyone... and is just too sweet of a dog to have the deadly fate he awaits.

    PLEASE!!! He is extremely urgent! If you can save him.. E-mail me.

    Rescues would also be great to know about. PLEASE... He will die without your help!

    Aussie is at the Valley River Humane Society in Murphy, NC 828-837-2304
  7. :crybaby:Ohhhhhhhhhhh, this is so sad. I can't even express how I feel.

    With regards to Aussie, let's pull together PFers and find this beautiful dog a home. :heart:

    best wishes to all. :flowers:
  8. Thank you for posting this information.. I haven't decided if I can bring myself to read it or not. I can't bring in another dog, so it may just be torturing myself. I hate that we have such a pet population problem in this country. :crybaby: All it takes is a little responsibility...
  9. What a sad website, but very important at the same time. I wish people would think about the commitment, time and money when getting a puppy, rather than, oh, the dog is cute and then lose interest when the dog grows into an adult or develops behavior issues from lack of attention or training.

    It is so sad that there are not homes for all the pets that people abandon, get sick of or abuse. I think the site really demonstrates why it is so important to spay/neuter as well.
  10. Fayden, Thank you for posting this article and website.
    I posted a link to the website in the "Looking for a furry friend" thread.

    I checked out the website and really wished I could take another dog but I already have two rescues. It breaks my heart to see all those furry babies just waiting to be saved.

    If only people would know how rewarding it is to save a rescue/shelter dog and how grateful they are to finally find someone to love and a warm bed to call their own!!
  11. Bless this man for doing something proactive and trying to save these dogs.

    I think it is a fantastic idea!

    Thanks for posting :smile:
  12. Thanks for the link & the story! It is so sad, but very important. In addition to donating, I am a foster parent for my local SPCA.
  13. It's incredible that this site was put together and someone was so passionate to help these pooches. Does break my heart, but have told everyone I can think of about it. If you can't stomach the site, at least check out the success stories.
  14. Fayden, thanks so much for posting this link.
  15. Thank you for posting. I know its hard for us to read because it's really sad and depressing. But I think if we take one small step at a time, some of these animals will be save. My prayers go out to them.