Seeking the Nova Check Bag w/ black straps

  1. I really like the look of the Nova check bag w/ the patent leather handles - it's a shoulder bag. I believe Shamrock0421 and Lolita have this bag (posted pics in their collection thread). I saw it IRL today and couldn't stop admiring it.
    Is this bag on sale anywhere ladies? It's just so cute!
  2. I have not seen it on sale yet.
  3. Is it this bag?
  4. It's this bag. I'm planning to purchase it when I head down to Atlantic City (before the end of this month - I need to have my LV shoulder straps looked at & LV is next door to Burberry.) Anyway - I LOVE this bag - but no sales.

    I'm not sure whether to get it from the store to save on shipping or wait for an internet sale offer and hope to get it online. I don't think I can wait out a sale, though! :yahoo:
  5. I love that myself. I was looking through Burberry's website and found a style I liked called the Haymarket Hobo. Now to just find a REAL one on eBay! lol
  6. I actually bought that same exact bag a couple months ago. Been wanting it for the longest time and when I finally had $ I got it at the Burberry store. Didn't care if it was on sale or not. I had to have the bag cuz I was soo in love with it. lol.

    Don't know if it'll be on sale or not. Maybe you can ask an SA at the Burberry store that you'll be checking out. Maybe you'll have luck.
  7. I have this bag - bought it a couple of weeks ago (not on sale though sorry!), it is a brilliant bag and so roomy. I hope you find it on sale somewhere!
  8. Sale or no sale, I'm super excited to get it now! :wlae:
  9. I saw one on eBay for $395. Can't seem to find the number now though... wonder if it ended. But it was brand new.
  10. Yup, this is the bag. I'm going to think about it for a few weeks. Make sure it's LOVE and not LUST LOL..."thinking now and buying later" is much better for the credit card :smile:
  11. LMAO... teach me how to do that please!
  12. re-read our rules before posting here again.
  13. I bought the same bag at Nordstroms for $475 last week. No sale, but I thought it was a good price for the size.
  14. That is the bag! I carry it EVERYWHERE!! Even the SA at my local Burberry store admires it. Watch it, mine is the small tote and the one from the pic above is the Large Tote. See how it looks on me. I am 5'7. I also got the matching make up pouch and the keyholder. Got it from ebay. Do not believe that this pattern goes on sale, on purses, at least.
    KP%20with%20Lil%20Nova.JPG burberry make up pouch.jpg mynewkeychain.jpg