seeking the help of the Chanel experts

  1. Hello...I'm new to Chanel, but I recently spotted someone carrying a gorgeous Chanel and was hoping you guys could help me figure out what it is called. The one I saw was white with black trim, had a rectangular shape with double handles (and I think each handle consisted of two straps tied together, but I could be mistaken). I would say it was a medium-sized bag. The body of the bag was white with diamond shaped quilting and the Chanel CC logo in the middle (in black leather) and the top and bottom of the body had a black stripe that ran horizontally around the bag. Does this sound familiar to anyone and is it difficult to find? Your input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. It kinda sounds like a cambon - except the CC is on the side - not the middle...
  3. I've seen 2 bags that fit this description similarly recently and they were not authentic :sad:
  4. wasn't the cambon, it has less "depth" to it, but thank you for your input :smile: Do you know of another one that might fit that description? I've been trying to find a picture with not luck. Maybe they were of them did look plasticy, but the other one looked so soft and sad :sad: