Seeking tall tPFer with 40 cm Birkin

  1. I'm becoming seriously interested in getting myself a Birkin (black box, ph hw). Which is all the fault of this forum. (Vlad and Megs should be getting commission from H for all the people who, like myself, have become H addicts/converts because of tPF :yes: ).

    I'm tall, 179 cm (5'11), so I'm guessing a 35 or 40 cm is best for my frame. I've been trying to find pix of a 40 cm modelled but can't find any. I have seen some pix of Carolyn Bessette with her black 40, but I don't know how tall she was. Is there anybody out there about my height with a 40 cm who would be so kind to take a pic of herself carrying the B?

    Also, do the Birkins also come as sellier? Have only seen pix of souple but I think I saw a thread yesterday where somebody claimed that her favorite Kelly/Birkin choice were souple Kelly, sellier Birkin.
  2. cbk was at least 5'11, though i've also heard she was an even 6. from pics of her beside jfk jr. i would believe it.
  3. I'm 6ft, I'll work on a better modelling pic for you. I was in sweats that day and didn't zoom out much :smile:
  4. LadyLaw, that is one gorgeous Birkin!

    No hurry to take the pic, won't be going to Paris til May to try and find my future best bag, but if you can find the time I'll appreciate it.
  5. OK sorry it took so long but I finally got around to taking a slightly better pic of me holding it while I was modelling an H shawl. Please excuse the spots...I forgot to wipe the mirror down after splashing it up washing my hair :smile:
  6. Sexy!!!
  7. Eric, I would have to agree, sexy and "red" hot!
  8. blkladylaw: is the 40cm heavy??
  9. Yes it can be as much as I load it up but then again most of the bags I carry are heavy so I am used to it. I carry the Chanel modern chain bags alot and they feel about the same to me. I'm a solid Amazon woman with a strong upper body so it may be a different feel on me than on others. If I am fortunate enough to get another I would like a 35cm. The 40 is great for an everyday work bag and running errands but is a bit big for my tastes for after-five uses. I've gone from the office to an evening event and it was just too much bag.
  10. I know the op was way back in Jan, but CBK's birkin was actually 45cm, now discontinued. (Thanks for the heads up from another member whose name I can't remember).

    The 45cm came in both a handheld and shoulder version, and had a more defined east-west design. Longer than blkladylaw's 40cm but shorter in height.
  11. Yes, the 45cm is indeed a discontinued design. Craftsmen found the bag ungainly and difficult to get right, I'm told.

    Vogue, the 40cm is feather-light in chevre and epsom. But very heavy in the weightier leathers like Fjord and Clemence........which reminds me, heheh. I hear there's a gorgeous Clemence Bleu Roi 50cm Birkin in your island state's flagship store........:drool:

    And another 50cm in my store in M'sia. Marron Fonce in Fjord!!......double drool!

    So many big birkins at the same time......does it make you wonder?
  12. My 40 Togo is not uncomfortably heavy.....sorry I can't model pics since I'm only 5'2.
  13. ^Eric: Yes, there is. I tried it the other day - I was told it's Togo and OMG it was really SOO Heavy!!!!~~~ I carried it and I looked at my SA and went "gosh, I probably can't put anything in there, can I?". He replied "it's beautiful, but far too heavy."
  14. Hey boys! I say go for it and hit the bench press!!! I'm only 5'0" and use a 45cm as a carry-on.