seeking tall edith/conteen

  1. the one i ordered arrived damaged and of course now that they are almost impossible to find i've decided i must have one! if anyone sees this style available anywhere i'd be most grateful if you could let me know! :heart:
  2. i forgot to add please feel free to pm me as i'd hate to miss out on a post during the one hour a day i'm not on tpf! :lol:
  3. I think it's against the rules to sell anything on PF, outside of MP. Even through PMs.

    There's always a few conteens on eBay. Pretty good prices. Will post some here if I come across any.
  4. sorry for the confusion, i meant available online or in any stores...
  5. Oops. :smile: Will let you know when I see any nycmom!
  6. thanks so much! :flowers:

  7. That's true, but I think she is just asking us all to keep our eyes out for this particular bag. Feel free to contact her via PM or post here if you see this bag on eBay, an on line retailer, or of course, any stores. The only thing that is prohibited it trying to sell your own bag to her via PM.
  8. Yes, sorry nycmom. I have *selective* reading. :shame: Read too fast sometimes.

    I've seen a couple on ebay the past few weeks so will definitely let you know when I see others. Haven't seen any on the usual online retailers - they might have already sold out.
  9. I had ordered one from BG about 2 weeks ago and returned it. Keep an eye out for when it pops back up on their website. I paid $825 at the time, but I'm sure it's been marked down even further now. It was the chocolate color - YUM! Just turned out to be too hard to get into for me - I am not a big fan of top flaps on bags.

    Happy shopping!
  10. oh wow, thank you so much! i'm calling bg right now to see if there is any way they can reserve it for me since they messed up by sending me the defective one.
  11. oh well i missed the return from luvmygirls0, it was already sold, but i just wanted to publicly thank her for all her time and help last nite. although i am of course bummed about the bag i am continually impressed and touched by how members here go above and beyond for each other. even though we're all just supposed to be shallowly obsessing it means so much that we're doing it together! :heart:
  12. Awww, thanks, nycmom! It was really nothing. I just wish it had worked out for you. I hope you find one. I'll definitely keep an eye out for you. :yes:
  13. I returned a chocolate one to BG as well. It was the most perfect pebbled Edith I have ever found. It was too tall for me. I returned it the afternoon before you posted this. So it should be arriving any day now.
  14. eastcoastkelli was so kind and thoughtful to let me know about an edith shopper on although i was hoping for the conteen the shopper is similar and very cute and the price was so good i couldn't resist. thanks very very much for your help!