Seeking suggestions for a shoulder bag

  1. I am saving up at the moment for my first Hermes bag and I need some suggestions as to which style to look out for. I live about 4 hrs drive to the nearest boutique so popping into a store to check things out isn't an easy option. I've been looking at eBay but most of the listings are either Birkins or Kellys, which are gorgeous but not what I am looking for at the moment.

    I need a fairly large shoulder bag with full closure (ie. no Garden Party Tote or Picotin and the Trim is not deep enough); in a style that's not too dressy and suitable for everyday or work use. Preferably not too heavy and in a hardy leather finish. Any suggestions? Indicative prices (new or used) if you have that info as well would be most appreciated.

    Thanks heaps. :smile:
  2. Welcome Curious one. I would suggest a Kelly or Bolide. The Bolide is more 'under the radar'... it also comes with a handy zip closure.
  3. Hi Rose
    Thanks for your reply. The Kelly is too hard to get things in and out of the bag. I have a young child and this is basically a 'work' bag for me rather than for special occasions.
    Does the Bolide have a shoulder strap?

  4. Yes it does, it really is a very versatile bag.
  5. I second the recommendation for the Bolide. It actually sounds like it's the only H bag that will meet ALL of your needs. It's also fairly easy to find a great preowned one on eBay quite reasonably, at least as far as Hermes is concerned. They retail for significantly more than they sell for on eBay, but I find them to be a wonderful "under the radar" bag that's totally versatile and practical.
    While I love the Victoria FT, some people (including me) find that it won't sit properly on their shoulder, and I know how annoying that could get with a young child and your hands full all the time!! That's what kept me from buying at least one for myself; I really wanted a shoulder bag because if I wanted my hands full, I'd just carry one of the bags I already own.
    The other suggestion I would have made would be the Evelyne in a larger size, but it doesn't close fully--it just has a small strap across the top that snaps to the back of the bag. So that might not meet your needs. I happen to love the Evelyne, though, and I get in a plug for it anytime I can! ;)

    Good luck with your choice and don't hesitate to ask more questions whenever you need to.
  6. i would also suggest a massai. i adore it. has a very slim profile and great for work or the weekend. it has a double zipper top and is longish so every once in a while it can be hard to get in and out of but honestly i haven't found a bag that isn't all the time either. i have one in clemence which is a wonderful leather- very durable and pretty and all around fab.

    a bolide would be another great choice as everyone suggested.
  7. I second the Bolide and the Massai... gorgeous bags... another option is the evelyne... it depends how much you want to put in your bag;)
  8. The Evelyne is a great choice...but it dosn't have full closure....there's a strap which keeps it nicely together, but it's not edge-to-edge closed.
  9. How about Trim bag or Gao bag?
  10. I would also suggest a Masai, but in GM. It's ca. 3K, give or take a few.
  11. Thank you all so much with your suggestions. I really like the Bolide, just hadn't noticed before that it also comes with a shoulder strap. So that's great news. It is such an elegant bag. I can't wait to get one....:drool:

    I saw a Victoria II on Ebay. It's quite boxy and this one is 6" wide. Not sure if they are all that wide. Good size but that may explain why it doesn't stay on the shoulder easily.

    I also saw a couple of Bolides on Ebay that are being sold with the rain kit. Now obviously, nobody in their right mind would want to get a bag like that wet. But seriously, would the leather (cow hide ones) be ok if it does get caught in the rain? :wondering
  12. ^Yes, some of the hides, like togo and clemence for instance, handle rain quite well. And sometimes you can get surprised by the rain, so that's when it's good to have a rainkit.
  13. What about a kabanna
  14. What's difference between Togo and Clemence leather? What about Veau Rodeo?