seeking sophias in neutral colors

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  1. hey all :smile: okay, so the "MJ for mom" thread has made me want to get my mom a MJ for xmas. i really think the style she'd like best is a sophia...she doesn't like large bags, and i think the over-the-shoulder style would work best for her. the only thing is that i really think she would only like a neutral-ish, brown, tan, etc...and i've only seen the brighter colors at off 5th.

    since you're the MJ detectives, if any of you manage to spot something at an off 5th or nordstrom rack, i'd be really grateful if you let me know via PM. i know she'd really love it, but i'm just a little nervous to use ebay for this...i'd feel horrible if i ended up getting her a fake! :sad:

    thanks SO much everyone!!!! hope all had a lovely turkey day :smile:
  2. You may want to check out the MJ Sale thread - there were a couple sightings of Bark Sophias. I posted a picture of mine in the 'list your MJ bags' thread if you want to see what it looks like. It's a gorgeous, neutral brown and I love it.
  3. dawn - thank you for the heads-up...last call in atlanta does have one in bark, but it's still $600....which seems really high - am i dreaming?

    emmy - i had seen that one, but my mom would so not carry a pink bag (a shame, since i think the sophia is darling in pink!). red would be about as adventurous as she'd get, i think...maybe a dark green. but i think she'd get the most use out of a neutral.

    still looking..... :smile:
  4. Bark or Dark Indigo Sophia would be nice for moms. =)
  5. emmy, i ADORE that one...i was actually drooling over it last night, and sophia isn't even a bag that works for me (too small). but i just can't spend that much :sad: that color is sooooo delicious, though.
  6. Is it really that small? I saw some pics here w/ girls carrying it and it doesn't seem small..I like the idea of the separate compartments..That's what I love most about the blake! I don't have Neiman's, Saks etc. around here so I can't look for you..Hopefully someone reading this will remember for you if they see one...Meanwhile if I come across anything online I'll let you know!! You'll find the perfect one I know it!!! Keep looking!! :heart: Emmy
  7. ^yeah...i think i've gotten too used to a big bag. i pull out the smaller bags i have from a couple of years ago now, and i wonder how in the world i ever carried them. i actually bought a sophia in maroon, and returned it because i felt like it looked too small on me. but my mom is really petite, so i think it would be perfect on her!

    thanks so much for keeping your eyes open....worst case, if i can't find one by xmas, it'll be her mom's day present :smile:
  8. Emmy, Sophia's base is not as deep as Blake.

    Sophia: 13 x 9 x 3"
    Blake: 13 x 9 x 6"

  9. ^ Thanx for that!!! :heart: Emmy
  10. ^thanks rmarie, that one might work....i was hoping for one with pushlocks, since i like the look better, but i'll keep an eye on this one. i'm being pickier about this one than if i were buying for myself...LOL!
  11. Lol understandably! i have the same style but in a toffee color :heart: it!
  12. I was also looking at the Sophia in Bark for my mom. It's a great, classic color. My thinking about it is that a neutral shade would also tone down the youthfulness of the sophia style and make it a little more age appropriate for my 60 y.o. mom...