Seeking silver ballet flats - recommendations?

  1. Hi everyone -

    I'm seeking a nice, comfortable pair of silver ballet flats - am thinking Tory Burch, Tod's, or others?! Online store recommendations with 'em in stock also ~greatly~ appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!!:wlae:
  2. If you are near NYC, Diane B. on third Ave. is great and I purchased my silver ballet flats there last season. They may have a website but I am not sure. How about Chanel??? I have silver ballet flats w/black silk cap toe and love them.
  3. I feel like I've posted these everywhere, I'm so sorry if it's overkill!! Saks has these Tod's silver flats for $325, should be available online as well.

  4. :nuts: Wow, thank you all soooo much for your recommendations and links!!! :flowers: These are GREAT recommendations and lots of cute shoes...I'm gonna be busy calling stores and looking at a lot of websites!

    Kalodie - I don't live in NYC but I'll see if the store has a website to check out styles. I looooove the Chanels....but am afraid my cc won't. Thanks for both recommendations!:heart:

    Maria28 - Thanks so much for the French Sole recommendations - they have really cute selection. I really like the quilted ones - like Chanel without breaking the bank. ;)

    LivingLuxuriously - the Aldo's are so cute! and at a price my cc will love!! :graucho: Great recommendation - thanks!!

    Butterfliie - I love your Tod's flats and admired them on another thread too.:love: SO CUTE!! Thanks for sharing them - good to see how the elastic is in the back, ya know? I need to call Saks...

    PurseEnthusiast - WOW! :nuts: The D&Gs are TDF!! I'm afraid my cc will HATE me too but it would be fab to step out in these. Thanks!!!

    Thanks again, you guys!! I :heart: the ladies of the PF!!
  5. I actually saw really cute silver flats yesterday at Neiman Marcus. I saw the one that Butterfliie posted above and they're really cute in real life. I have a pair of Tod's flats and they're really comfortable. Another silver flats I saw was Jimmy Choo.

  6. Hey hey,
    I have these Valentinos and Choo's in silver, they are both super comfortable and look grt on.
    I also have a pair of Marc Jacobs silver glitter flats, they are also super comfortable and they look really cute with a dress, shorts, jeans...anything =) hope this helps!
  7. i love those tods. maybe lanvins?
  8. I have Tory Burch in silver and I love em!!! :yahoo:
    TB soooo fit my budget!

  9. what style are those Jimmy Choo? I just love them!
  10. The Choos are called Mani, there is a similar style called Marisa as well, you might like those as well.