seeking sharpey quilted frame

  1. today i saw a woman with what i think must be a sharpey quilted frame style tote bag in black lambskin (not pony) and totally fell in love! :heart: if you happen to see one available i'd be so grateful if you could let me know...thanks so much!
  2. I believe Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills had that bag a few days ago in black lambskin. Good luck nycmom!

  3. with cc's or no?
  4. stephanie - thank you so much for the NM tip, i think i may have found one so i'm keeping my fingers crossed...

    and steph - it's without the ccs if that helps?
  5. Try Chanel @ Nordstrom Downtown Seattle.. I saw lots of Sharpey styles last week.. Good Luck :smile:
  6. thank you so much!