Seeking Rouge Vif Purse

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  1. I spoke with BalNY and they said they won't/ can't get it.
    Has anyone come across one elsewhere? I'm going to try Barney's NY but I think they only have firsts.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Try Aloha Rag, they sent me an email today that they had Red cities and Red purse available!
  3. Thanks Cilla
  4. Your welcome, I hope you find it!
  5. Saks in Boca Raton had them this week. Not sure if they still do, but you could call them.
  6. How strange. Other places get it but the Balenciaga store itself doesn't???:shrugs:
  7. It's odd isn't it. I would think that the Bal. stores would stock the entire range! Good luck finding the bag - it's just sooooo gorgeous!
  8. Good luck! I hope you find one, that's a great style!
  9. Thanks, I've never seen the purse in person so I was hoping to look at them when I go to NY but I may take a chance and order one sight unseen.
  10. I just got the purse style in black from a pfer (thanks susan-eric) and I gotta say.....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The size is perfect for me. The handles are the perfect length to wear over my shoulder and its plenty big!
    so waif- take the chance....i hadnt seen one either. but its great!
  11. balenciaga store had them....
    i might have gotten the last one... (at least thats what the SA said on the phone) and it was a couple of weeks ago.
  12. Brown's also had the Purse in rouge vif recently!
  13. Well, definitely seems like the purse style in rouge vif is out there! Go get it!
  14. Are you sure the b-store in nyc wont be carrying the rouge vif purse? When I listed for one 2 weeks ago Sarah said it should arrive around the 2nd week of September.
  15. Hello everyone,
    When did you call? I spoke with a young lady yesturday and she told me that some people on the wait list didn't purchase their bags so there were some available, this was around 6pm central time. Goodluck!
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