Seeking out wisdom from those who know~

  1. i've been reading about small 'take with you' type items and am very new to louis. i was wondering what about a ludlow or a cles? i keep reading about cles' and i thought, "yeah, i don't wanna carry my pochette around if i'm just gonna run into starbucks" so what do the tpf'rs think? i have a berkeley in damier azur, on it's way-a pochette in pomme, a damier pochette compact so what type/style of small 'take with me' item would an all-knowing tpf'r recommend? gracias
  2. hmmm... I personally think that a cles is a bit small, how about a wapity?
  3. Agree with cec, the wapity is super cute and roomy! :tup:
  4. ^^ I agree ..I have this and it is great for a quick trip:tup:
  5. A Wapity is a wonderful accessory!
  6. My keys did not fit in my cles (and I did not want to add a ring to it). I wanted to use it as a key holder and also to store a credit card + some cash for a quick trip to the market etc..
    I decided to exchange it and I got the Ludlow instead (roomier).
    The Ludlow is so compact yet fits tons of things.
    It can fit in a small evening bag/clutch or in the pocket of my jacket.

    I guess cles and ludlow are both very cute but for me the ludlow comes in more handy...
  7. I would go for a wapity rather than a cles. A wapity will hold your small essentials (keys, card, money, lip gloss). With a cles, you are very limited to space due to it's flatness and overall size.
  8. A pochette accessories gets my vote in either damier ebene or azur! That way you can both carry it as a small bag (I did, all during Christmas) OR clip it inside your speedy to hold things!
  9. you have to hole cles in your hand if you don't have a pocket. I would say either a wapity or a mini pochette (T&B is really cute!).
  10. Mini Pochette! I have two of them in my bag--one has two cles' inside. Love them!!!
  11. I love the zippy coin purse, but either the wapity or a mini pochette are cute as well.
  12. I have a cles and it is perfect. I use it to hold all my extra cards that i do not carry in my wallet. I carry it in my purse everyday.