Seeking MAB Re-Dye Advice!

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  1. #1 Apr 28, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2016
    Hi, everyone! I've dyed a couple of handbags already and am familiar with the process, but I'm not quite sure how to proceed with this MAB I bought from a seller on Poshmark...

    The bag is currently tan, and my goal is to get it to a shimmery light pink color. Tarrago #743 ("pearly pale mauve") is the closest match I've found, but it only seems to be available as a shoe cream (which I ended up ordering). My question is: would it be best to dye the bag white or light pink (or a custom mix thereof) before applying #743, or is there some other technique you're aware of that would be more effective for achieving the color I want? :weird:

    (Side note: the lighting in the photo makes the bag's current color look kind of nice...but it's not nice at all IRL, I swear! :graucho:)

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  2. The color is actually quite nice in both pictures. I personally would not dye it especially to dye to a light color, too much work and probably not come out right, rather resell it and use the funds buy the color you want?
  3. The first picture is just an example of how I want it to look after the re-dye—it's not my bag! I paid next to nothing for the bag in the second picture, so I'm willing to risk potentially ruining it. The color of my bag doesn't look anywhere near as nice IRL; I think it's just the natural lighting at work.
  4. In that case, go for it girl and pleas update your result.., I may follow your lead :smile: