Seeking long time Tory Burch Reva wearers.


Apr 15, 2008
Smithfield, VA
I'm hoping to gain some insight/advice from a few PFers who have owned multiple pairs of TB Revas over the last 2+ years.*

Two years ago, I purchased two pairs of revas. One pair black/gold, one pair brown/gold. These have been my everyday go-to shoes since then. The black pair was worn at least 5 times to every 1 time the brown pair was worn. I wore these revas almost everyday for over 1 year.*

After I noticed how badly the black revas had worn after 8 months or so, I also purchased a pair of black/silver Romys. These had a softer rubber sole and were completely worn to the leather after 6 months of use per pair. I preferred the romys over the revas so i repurchased and again only lasted 6 months *Romys were discontinued so I went back to wearing my revas. *

Black revas worn ~ 400 times (leather severely worn, sole severely worn)
Brown revas worn ~ 50 times (leather slightly worn, rubber heel moderate wear)
Black romys pair 1 worn ~ 150 times (leather was in great shape, heel completely gone)
Black romys pair 2 worn ~ 150 times*(leather was in great shape, heel completely gone)

I recently decided it was time to replace my black revas so I ordered the black/silver pair from nordstrom and I was very unhappy when I noticed that the leather seems to be of a noticeably lesser quality AND the rubber sole is now the same soft rubber as the Romys I had.*

Have any long time revas wearers noticed a significant change in quality over the years.*

I would like to contact Tory burch customer service to express my concerns about the change in quality but was hoping to hear from others first.*


Halt and Salute
Aug 6, 2006
Dressage Arena
I have all three of the same pairs of TB Revas, though I dont wear them as often as you do they seem to have held up really well. I have about 9 pairs of TB shoes total and all look as good as new. I just purchased a black pair of Revas and havent noticed any difference in quality...But, I think if you are having quality problems with them you should call TB, these are spendy little flats to be unhappy with the quality!


Feb 4, 2009
OC, Cali
I have 5 pairs of revas (maybe 6 now) and for me they have all held up fabulously...but I have to admit I have not purchased a new pair in at least a year. Mine get tons of wear to work. I only have one pair that are leather-mouse grey- and those are from 2 seasons ago, mine are mostly patent, metallic or snakeskin and have not noticed any quality issues there.
Mar 26, 2008
hello :smile:

i bought my first pair of revas a month ago only, so i'm curious how do they look like after they're worn a lot and the leather has stretched and what not? if it's okay, can you guys post photos of your revas? :smile:


Jan 21, 2010
i have/had about 8 pairs of TB revas. sold 4 pairs. i went through a slight TB craze/obsession in 2006! :smile:

they've all held up pretty well. my gold ones were thrashed though. but then again, i wore the heck out of those.

i tried to buy a new pair of black revas last year and i was disappointed in the quality of the leather. they seemed stiffer. i realize that new leather will be stiff but these seemed like they would never break in. hence, i returned them.

i would love a new pair of revas but am just unsure because of the leather. so, yes, i agree with OP that the leather quality has sort of gone down.