Seeking: LARGE PYTHON silverado

  1. Does anyone have any advice on where I can find a LARGE silverado in the natural or beige (or whatever--I can never remember what the names are) python? One came and went on eBay last night but they don't seem to come up very often, so if someone has leads on a designer consignment store that has one or one that's about to be posted on eBay, anything, I'd love to hear about it. I would ABSOLUTELY buy new if anyone knows of a store that still carries these, but I didn't see any at the Chloe boutique in NYC.
  2. The last I have seen on sale from reliable stores were not the colors you mentioned, but were at I would check there and at Aloha Rag, and even call the Chloe boutique in New York and ask. You never know. eBay or consignment are the other options, and with ebay you have to be really careful. There have been a lot of fake python Silverado and Betty bags, with the occasional real ones sold by reputable sellers. When I say fake, that includes some that are obvious, horrible leather made to look like python scales, and others are in fact skin but just not authentic Chloe bags. Check ebay regularly and then seek authentication help!
  3. You might check Nordstrom's, especially the West Coast, I just found a tan large silverado with pockets - marked down from $1900 to $639. There are also others, I was just looking for the larger version, so you might give them a try. I found the SA very helpful at the stores I called.
  4. There was a large python tote in Bellevue WA around Valentine's Day.
  5. Remember though that selling Python is illegal in CA, so elliminate those West Coast sotres from your search ;)

    Our CA stores carry the Anaconda instead.

  6. I called every Nordstrom west of Colorado--no dice :sad: Is it still stalking if your object of desire is a purse????
  7. Hi thalillady, I have a collection of three Chloe Silverado all in the large size. I have two in python, one black and one natural. And the other a brown calf leather. Are you interested in the large Python in black? I have been thinking of her a new owner since as she has been sitting in my closet for sometime now. She is in excellent mint condition. As I personally like the natural one alot more, I haven't got chances to carry the black one. Tell me if you are interested. I might list it on ebay. Or if you want some photos, I can send them to your email. Tell me what you think. Ciao!
  8. I am pretty certain selling like this is prohibited here.

  9. Selling is not allowed on tPF. :hrmm:
  10. It's not the large silverado tote, but here it is on jemzandjewels:
  11. Here is a picture of my silverado python in beige, not sure if this is the color you mean. I found mine on ebay, I think that is your best bet.
  12. gorgeous bag
  13. I live in NYC too, but there's a sales rep at a Nordstrom in Brea, CA who I have found to be super helpful when I am looking for a certain bag. Her name is Amy. I bought a sale paddy from her over the phone once, and she was so sweet.... I have since called her a few times to ask her to locate a bag I am looking for, and she's so helpful and resourceful.

    You could try calling her, or really anyone in the handbag department at one of the Nordies that sell Chloe. Nordies sales reps are super helpful.

    Good luck!:heart: