Seeking Large Paddington Tote

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  1. Has anyone seen this bag around in a darker color? I bought the anthracite from NAP during the sale and the metallic is already wearing off. NAP doesn't have any more in stock to exchange but are willing to refund the purchase. The problem is that I just LOVE the style of the bag. I know that it is an older style but was hoping that one of you amazing ladies may have seen the bag somewhere. I know there is a black one on eBay but I haven't been able to get anyone to authenticate it for me. Thanks so much for your help!
  2. I just brought this bag from C Mart Department store for $997
  3. Hi. I am so excited. Were there others? What color(s). Where is c Mart??
    Thanks so much!!!!!
  4. C mart is in the Maryland area...
  5. ^^^ I thought you weren't sure if it was authentic or not??? :confused1:

    The pictures on their website don't make me want to buy chloe from them :yucky:
  6. I called C Mart and they don't ship. There also seems to be some real question about authenticity based on the website pictures. Would love to see the pictures from Lucky Lauren when she posts them.
  7. green_eggs, i promise i'll keep an eye out for you.:yes:

    I know how it is when you really want never seem to find it!:hysteric: :heart:
  8. You are the best!!!!
  9. Oh, I sympathize! This is my very favorite style, called the "Paddington US SHOPPER", and I'm sick that Chloe has discontinued it! I have it in blanc (ivory), black, chocolate brown, dark grey, taupe, whiskey, tan, mousse, grenat (burgandy), and the metallic anthracite (mine is a little streaky also in some parts, but actually I like it, and have gotten many compliments on it!) I have been hunting and collecting this bag in every color I can get my hands on, since it came out in fall of '06. Between this style and the large zipper paddington bouler, which I also have in a ton of colors, I have lost my mind!:nuts: If I see one, I will certainly give you a "heads up." (Unless it's in a color that I don't have! LOL)
  10. Wow I am so jealous! Where in the world have you found them all????
  11. I got the whiskey, matte anthracite (dark grey) and the mousse from Erica on ECLuxe on eBay, I got one of my black ones, one of the dark greys (it was called noir at the time), and the grenat, taupe, and chocolate from Roz on roz77772002 (also on ebay), got the ivory (blanc) from, (still one there, I can't believe it!), the tan came from an ebay seller that had to sell hers because her husband was having a meltdown and she had never worn it, it was in the closet with the tags for weeks! The other black I got from Let's see...oh, the metallic anthracite I got from NAP, (like you did!) But I don't mind the metallic "streaky" effect. It's not all over the entire bag or anthing, just a bit here and there, and I actaully think that's part of the "patina" as the metallic leather wears...other than that though, I am a fanatic for condition...If I could find this bag in any other colors, like the jaune, even the gris vert, (which is like the mousse, except for the edges of the leather, I would buy it!) I think this bag was "under the radar." Lots of women just didn't know how fabulous this large paddy is! The price, almost 2K is a definite barrier though....:sad: But I am obsessed....
  12. Wow beanie, we need to see pics!!!:nuts: :yahoo:
    Sounds like you've got a fab collection!:love:
  13. I tried searching for ECLuxe on ebay and could not find that user ID. Is there another name? or is she still selling on ebay? Thanks!
  14. beanie: I totally agree. I love all the pockets, and the drop on the shoulder straps is just perfect. I only have the anthracite, also from NAP. Your collection sounds amazing! Please post pics if you can.
  15. beanie : Please post a pic of your family - I would love to see all of them together!:party:

    green_eggs : I wanted this one, too! I saw it on NAP a month or so ago and was hoping it would go on sale, but it was nabbed very quickly!:sad: Can you post a pic of the streaking before you send it back, so I can see if it's something I can live with or not? If it's too much, I may just move on to another color. TIA.