Seeking Input

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  1. Hi ladies,

    It is truly a first world problem that has my mind occupied and thrown in for a complete loop. Hoping for a sanity check.

    I live in a country that does have an H store; however, one that receives limited quantities of B's. I do travel extensively, but typically for work and as such, the trips do not leave me with much (or any) time to shop.

    I have had my name down for a B in either Gold or Etoupe since October of 2015. I was recently offered a B in a colour that is actually one of my least favourite. Hence, I turned it down. Subsequently, I was just offered a B35 in Black with GHW. Herein lies my dilemma.

    I have WAY too many black bags and have actually been trying to stay away from them. Recently, I picked up a croc black Saint Laurent Sac du Jour, and went through the exact same dilemma. But because it was croc, I rationalized that it was sufficiently different.

    In addition, I also have a Givenchy Antigona in black with PHW, Chanel jumbo flap in GHW and several BV, Saint Laurent etc clutches.

    Should I get the black Birkin?? It is definitely up my alley, but is there such a thing as far too many black bags? Should I wait for a Gold or Etoupe to come along (even if it takes years?).

    As a final note, this will be my first H bag. Until this point, I have only worked on my scarves and accessories collection from H.
  2. First, you can never have too many black bags. I suffer from the same malady...most of my bags are either black or neutral with one Rouge Garance Bolide thrown in the mix. And you can never go wrong with a black Birkin. Believe it or not, it will probably become your most used's a workhorse.

    If, however, you really feel like you would prefer Gold or Etoupe then I'd wait but I wouldn't limit yourself to just those two colors. Hermes has a plethora of lovely neutral colors to choose from. Having more options will speed up the wait!
  3. Thanks for chiming in - appreciate your input. I am certainly in full agreement with you that the black B will end up being my most used. But the minimalist in me is already contemplating which other black bags I should get rid of, as having 4+ is simply an excess for me.

    I suppose the other consideration is to keep the black and get the neutral colour I seek in addition to it. That may need some convincing with hubby, as he doesn't get the appeal of multiple handbags in general, a closet full much less.

    On a funny note, I spelled 'convincing' above as 'conniving' initially...oh, Freudian slip, you will be sure to get me into considerable trouble!
  4. I might consider selling several of my other black bags & reason being that once that
    black B bag comes your way,that will likely be your go to bag. With that said, perhaps
    keep a black bag for the evening (clutch timeless & forever) & go for the black birkin.
    You may have to wait longer for the gold or etoupe unless you consider another H
  5. I hear your dilemma but I'd take the black B. They are HARD to come by in store. I have Gold and black is even more useful, even though you have the SDJ which is similar. I too would have some bag guilt, and I deal with that by selling off a bag or can always add a lighter neutral B later on!
  6. I would take the black B, you can't go wrong with black!
  7. I agree with everyone else. Take the Black B (hardware preference permitting), then sell some of the other Black bags if you think you have too many.

    I too, suffer the same problem. I hated black bags when i was in my 20s as i thought they were boring, but now, my wardrobe is full of black bags.
  8. Get the black B and get rid of some is what I would do. Then to get the gold or etoupe later, I would sell more (if it was not an option to keep all my bags). I have several black bags too and they have different purposes; even though I have other colors they're still my most used. Goodluck deciding!
  9. I love black bags and have many... IMO Black Birkin is a must have (if you love black color bag) and I would let go the others ...
  10. Definitely grab the black B!!
  11. My thought is that a Black Birkin GHW will be your favorite black bag soon. You should buy it and sell as many of your other girls as you can. I am in the minority here and think one can be saturated with black bags. Keep a few fabulous; sell the ones on the fringe.

    BUY THE BLACK BEAUTY!! Such a fun decision! Good luck.
  12. Sorry for lousy suggestions
    Sell the rest buy this black b
    Not that you cannot afford
    But you got the best quality black bag to use no need other brands haha
    Maybe just keep jumbo flap
    You will buy gold and etoupe too
    One black b is not enough
    Trust me
    Its addictive you will and have more
  13. You are all awesome, thanks for holding my hand through this! I think I have decided to get the black B, provided it sings to me. And will have to - obviously for science - get the gold/etoupe down the road!

    At some point I will shrink my collection. My beautiful black Givenchy Antigona comes out to play perhaps 5x a year as it is. I will probably re-assess in another year or so.

    I entirely get the slippery slope that is Hermes! I said I would get just ONE scarf. Right. I'd be lucky if I can keep it to one a month!
  14. Please take the offer!!
    You will find etoupe or gold after black.
    Hermes black is very special & GHW is a bonus 💛
  15. Oh you just made a decision!!! I have B30 black with ghw & if i get offered b35? I would still take it 😉