Seeking info - LTD. Ed. BAKELITE/LUCITE

  1. I have recently inherited a rather large collection of Chanel Bags [all authentic]

    I am seeking further information on a few of them.

    1. A beige and black BAKELITE or possibly Lucite [plastic] bag with black plastic chain. How rare is this edition and how much is it worth.

    2. A Fuchsia pink/Orange Tweed Classic [2.55 i think]

    3. A small purple snake skin bag about 4 inches wide with a matching rose. [it's a kind metallic rainbow treatment]

    4. A beige ponyhide Classic with 'COCO' lasered into the surface with matching coin purse

    5. A large Raspberry/fuchia lambskin quilted bag.

    6. A black patent with a chain running across the front with multiple Chanel charms.

    I have about 20 more that I have questions about. If anyone could help it would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Please message me!
  2. If you post pictures, it would be easier for the ladies here to help you.
  3. must have photos please.