seeking help from ugly better and CL fans!!!

  1. hi!!! i am desperately seeking help from ugly betty and CL fans!!!

    theres this episode where amanda's in the stock room and she took one of these CL with shoe laces in the is SOOOO cute!!!

    its the episode where we get a sneak of where the "love dungeon" is! if you guys know what it is please let me know if I can still find those. i thought i saw them somewhere before but i cant be sure. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. oooh they sound fab, have not seen that episode, but do they look like these ones?


    if so, this style is know as Alicette :smile:
  3. i kniow which ones u r talking abt but i haven't seen them online. They r the blk i think satin ones with a different color in the front (not the whole tip) with a bow.
  4. yes angelie! those are the ones...does anyone know which season they are from? i am soo desperate!!!

    chloe-babe--i saw these ones in store but its not the same one :sad:

    the endless quest for perfect shoes... :smile:

  5. If you cannot find them on the louboutin website have a look here.

    they have a bit of a selection of styles from older seasons.
  6. call the louboutin store in NY they might know. FOr all u know someone might have seen the show and may know which ones u r talking abt
  7. Those are soooo niceee!!!
    Where online besides eBay can you get past seasons Louboutins?
  8. Well the only sites I know of are neimanmarcus, Saks, NAP,, Barneys, bergdorf goodman and I think most of them sell latest season but sometimes footcandy may have an older selection. They just added quite a bit of louboutins recently.
  9. Thanks!!!!
    They have the shoe that meluvbags at
  10. i dont thikn they have the ones im talking about at bobellis :sad: i think im out of luck! thanks tho!!
  11. did u call any of the cl stores