Seeking Grenat Patent Betty!

  1. I have been staring at the Grenat Patent Small Betty for months, and of course now that I (almost) have the funds, they are nowhere to be found...:crybaby: I keep checking eBay and they come up from time to time, but does anyone know another source that might have one and for a good price? Thanks a million!
  2. Neiman's in Orlando did have the one that was the chain style, I doubt that it is still there, since they are in last call, but you might give a local Neimans, Saks, Nordstroms a call to see if they can find you one. Good luck in finding your bag, it is out there somewhere.
  3. I've seen a few of the chain style at various Neiman Marcus stores also, but that was a few weeks ago. No idea if they are still there, but I'd try calling around anyway.
  4. That's the very bag I've been staring at! Does anyone know that seller, I want to make sure it's authentic and all that. Thanks for the links!
  5. You could try asking about them in the resellers thread :yes:
  6. I just did that. Thanks for the tip! :smile:
  7. Its gorgeous in the Granat,

    hope you manage to get it :biggrin:
  8. Hope you get it. Its simply stunning. I love the bettys over my paddys now. Good Luck.
  9. I am being good and holding out till August...if I can hang on till then, it shall be MINE! heh heh heh