seeking girly-bag recommendations

  1. I seem to be going through a major girly phase lately - I'm drawn to anything girly and pretty. Ribbons, bows, tassels, and rose/pink are great, but not so much on the lace, ruffles, or barbie-pink. Nothing too tiny and delicate...from a practical perspective, I'm pretty rough on my bags (leather is ideal), and I need a bit of room for stashing stuff. I'd be interested to hear what everyone's favorite girly bags are - with pics if possible!
  2. I have a petal pink Marc Jacobs Sophia which I bought some years ago. Heavy but loads of compartments. Do they even sell Sophia anymore? Anyway when I first bought I was a little iffy about the colour but have found her to be very versatile.
  3. Anything Juicy couture is durable and girly. I also love my Vuitton raspberry reade, it's a great shiny pink and you can fit lots into it. Also loving my pink LV denim mini pleaty too.
  4. I automatically think Dior. The Dior girly collection perfectly fits your description, and I really like the Dior Romantique collection (with velvet, monogram, and bows in pink and bordeaux) as well.
  5. dior! they're bags are sooo girly!
  6. I was going to say a Dior Girly Boston Bag, but I see that you want something durable. I have a Dior Girly Boston Bag, but they're pretty delicate with rhinestones and little butterflies on it.:love:

    How about something from the Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom line? It doesn't get much girlier than that, and it's mono canvas, so it's pretty durable.
  7. My pink girly girl indulgence.

    Jennifer Marvin Mia bag
  8. I agree, my Dior Girly camera bag looks delicate but is very well made and has withstood the test of heavy use with no dings!
  9. Moschino (i think) had a line of suede ones that was quilted with chain handles that had suede ribbons threaded through the chains... pink brown.. that sort of colour.. pretty cute.. can't remember anything else though.. sorry!
  10. Beautiful bag made of soda pop-tops:
    G.L.U. crochet pull tab bag $250
    Bambina di cioccolato Saffron $ $120
    Laser-cut/perforated leather clutch
    Nam Kim plum candy clutch $58
    Cleo & Patek zig zag bow bag
    Smooth structured leather $108 (usual price: $120)
  11. I love these Dior bags. They are coated canvas similar to the LV mono line so it must be extremely durable.
  12. Ohhhh people are the BEST. I now have a number of new obsessions! I just love the Dior Romantique bags, and I'm even looking at LV seriously for the first time ever. Many thanks to everyone...keep 'em coming!