Seeking French Blue...où êtes-vous?

  1. Hello :smile:

    Seeking a French Blue City or Work B-Bag, pref. on sale.

    Has anyone seen it around in their travels?

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. There was a City on eBay .. I don't know if it's still there. I doubt you will find it on sale seeing how it's a 07 S/S color.
  3. yea there was one on eBay but it's not gonna be on sale cos it's new season and literally just came out - gorgeous colour though!
  4. Ooh! J'en ai vu un a Susan a Burlingame, CA! (sorry, computer won't let me do the accents). A gorgeous bleu de France city. It is such a wonderful colour. Call and ask for Monique. :yes: Tell her the British/French girl who always comes and looks at the bbags sent you!
  5. Saks Fifth Avenue in Boca Raton, Florida had (as of last Tuesday) a French Blue City in both the Giant Hardware and the Regular Hardware. (561) 620 1355. Al Reemer is a fabulous SA.

    I wish you well,

  6. Can soneone post a pick of the french blue:smile:
  7. The french blue is one of my favorite ss07 color, I thinkin' of a city
    does someone have a french blue city? I would love to see it
  8. ohhh ok, i didn't know it still an SS '07 color :shame:

    It's such a lovely color, and I've always loved this shade of blue...
  9. here's a pic of my french blue[​IMG]!!
  10. ^ wow it's gorg!!
  11. :yahoo:LOVE IT!!! The color just POPS!! It's more like an electric blue...such a rich and beautiful color. Lucky!!!
  12. My SA at Neiman's gave me a frantic call this afternoon saying that she had a French Blue balenciaga for me! So of course, I get all excited...I hurry over to NM, and it was the one with the Gold Hardware! While I'm sure it has its fans, it's a bit too flashy for me. She was really hard selling this bag at me, telling me how in demand it is, how it will sell out, etc etc etc, and that there were no French Blue bags with classic hardware. Then she tells me to go do research on the Balenciaga website to see for myself that French Blue is only available in Gold Hardware and that what I will find will change my mind :rolleyes::roflmfao:

    Of course, there's no catalog on the balenciaga website detailing what models they have available...and according to anmldr1, there exists a French Blue city. Honestly, I don't think she's even seen the website herself!

    Could someone please confirm that there are French Blue B-Bags for SS '07 in CLASSIC hardware, so I can tell her off??

    Thanks :flowers:
  13. Um... anmldr1's picture is a French Blue city in classic hardware. Also I believe Balenciaga NY has them available. :yes:
  14. WOW!!! This just confirms that my next BBag acquisition will be a Bleu de France...I think I want a Day or City with GH....stunning!!!
  15. i sooo want a blue de france in first... *DROOLS*