Seeking Choco brown YSL "ruffled" bag

  1. I am desperately seeking a YSL chocolate brown shoulder bag I saw a woman carrying in a restaurant today. I have no idea if it's recent or from 10 years ago but it was this beautiful "ruffled" style with the ysl logo on a silver buckle. Truly Gorgeous. i would love to find this bag. does that ring a bell? anyone?
  2. There was a ruffled style in 2004 called the St. Tropez. However, it didn't have a buckle, unless this was a variation on the St. Tropez. It would be hard to find one now without looking on the secondary market.
  3. Susan-eric is right, they did come out a while ago. I suggest eBay as one of your best bets. The ones with the buckle were specific to a certain store, whether it was Neimans or Barney's I don't remember. They also come in a variation with a double horn strap as well.
  4. Oh for reference, here's a photo of the St. Tropez

  5. did this style ever come out with two gold links supporting the handle on either side? Handle is also made of leather. I have one but not sure of authenticity. its also a smaller version.