Seeking Blake modeling pictures

  1. Would anyone care to share their Blake modeling pictures? I'm having trouble finding one to view irl and would love to see what it looks like "on". Also, I've read that it's pretty heavy, what do you think? TIA!
  2. Thanks, there are lots of beautiful bags in that thread, but nobody wearing their Blake. The closest is Hitchcock Blonde and her gorgeous Bordeaux Blake and her fabulous Manolos. But the Blake is on the ground. I'd love a modeling shot for some perspective.
  3. I can try to find some from you, but in the meantime, have you checked out the Celebs thread? I know I've posted several there.
  4. I just posted a thread about my new Bordeaux Blake. There is a photo of me with my Bordeaux Blake and my Quilted Almond Blake.
  5. ^Thanks! I looked at your thread before you put the pictures up. Your bags are beautiful! Do they fit on your shoulder? Also, what do you think about the weight? Thanks so much for your help.
  6. OK..Here ya go girl...
    black blake 002.jpg black blake 012.jpg HALLOWEEN 005.jpg HALLOWEEN 011.jpg HALLOWEEN 013.jpg
  7. ^ I own the black and tomato red ones..The other one is a tapioca which I ordered and sent back...Lovely color though....eek..I miss her!!!
  8. WOW Emmy, that tomato is unbelievable! They look great on you. And look like they easily fit on your shoulder. Thanks so much for your help.
  9. :heart:tomato:heart:
  10. Oh man EMMY! You look so amazing with your Blakes!!:nuts::nuts:
  11. It easily fits on my shoulder which is the main reason I wanted a Blake and not something like the Elise because I'm not someone who likes holding a bag on her arm or in her hang constantly.

    I have a large MP and while it may be a tad heavier I think it's more comfortable because of the double straps.
  12. Emmy, those are fabulous on you! :heart:
  13. OMG Emmy I am in :heart::heart::heart:with your tomato blake!!!!! I check eBay everyday and have never seen one. I adore it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. You guys are sweet!!! I use the tomatoe blake every year at Christmas and then put her away...I know it's odd but this way she stays new and she has become my signature bag during the holidays...(the day after Thanksgiving-Christmas)..I agree w/ LoracNJ as far as choosing the blake over the elise...SoccerMom I hope you get one!!!!! Good luck in your bag hunt!!..and LMK if you want anymore pics!!!!