seeking black w/silver cerf

  1. i'm looking for a black cerf with silver hardware, any leads would be much appreciated! :flowers:
    (especially at nm during the double points event) :heart: thanks so much!!!
  2. I saw it on Tuesday at NM in San Francisco. 415-362-3900
  3. Was the one you saw a large Cerf with silver CC's? I didn't know the silver CC large Cerf got released already....?
  4. I don't think the black/silver Cerf totes have been released yet. My Nordstrom hasn't even received full stock of the new fall totes. The black/silver and white/silver are part of Cruise, which will probably hit stores around Nov./Dec.
  5. thanks so much for the info hamulcahy, i'll call them today!

    i realize it's a bit of a long shot but since the ice cube bag is already available i thought it was worth a try. also there's the silver rectangular clasp which i'd consider as well...
  6. Yeah... I'm also looking for one... blk with silver hardware.
    I've asked around,but only gold hardware's available now.

    Just can't wait..... does anyone know when they'll come out? end of Nov or early Dec?????

    I think the MM lock ones are smaller thou.
  7. I would like to know as well. I called a few stores and they didn't have it but one store called around and said they could ship it to me w/i 2 business days. The boutique in Saks didn't even order it as part of their fall inventory according to the woman I spoke with this afternoon.
  8. Bergdorf Goodman has them as of today! the phone number is 212-872-2854. (i haven't seen them yet so i have my fingers crossed...)
  9. I just phoned! It's there. I feel like making the trip now.

    Oh, thank you nycmom! :woohoo: