Seeking B-bag advice in Hoosier state

  1. :rolleyes:I live in Indiana and our Saks currently does not carry Balenciaga handbags. I feel like I'm at the mercy of eBay, but am so hesitant. I'm not looking for a bargain, but just a reputable dealer. Does anyone have any advice on how I could buy an authentic Balenciaga First in the land of cornfields?
  2. Hey =) I'm from San Diego, California but I went to Purdue. I just recently graduated and moved back to California. There is NOWHERE in Indiana to buy Balenciaga. Your best bet if you want to see the bag in person is to drive to Chicago and go to Barneys New York. If you have questions about authenticity on eBay you can always post them in the "Authenticate This" forum.
  3. Thank you so much! I'm an IU girl myself, but had friends that went to Purdue. So nice to know you understand. I was so excited to get a Saks only to find out how limited their selection is. Oh well. . . .it's better than nothing.
  4. Hey there!
    I grew up in Fort Wayne and I currently live there (again), and I'm going to IU in the fall. As stated before, you can't buy Balenciaga in Indiana. In Chicago there are a few places like Barneys and Shirise in Glencoe, IL.

    Personally, I ordered my one and only Bbag from Neiman Marcus San Francisco Union Square, sight unseen (but for 50% off). I highly recommend doing business with Neiman's because of their flexible return policy and their usually extensive stock (at least for SF). I have been pleased with phone-ordering through NM. I don't know about Barneys, other Saks, Bal NY, or small boutiques. The only thing about NM is they don't accept Visa.

    By the way, I frequent that Saks and I don't know how much the saleswomen in handbags really know. It's possible they could carry Balenciaga in the future-I was there a month and a half ago and asked about Ferragamo, and a lady told me they stopped carrying the brand. I came back last weekend and there was a table of new Ferragamo! Weird.

    Anyway, good luck. Personally, I don't think one needs to see Balenciaga in person before buying. I got mine in the mail and I was blown away by the product. You'll hear about the buttery leather and all that, but when you actually feel it, man oh man. If it's new it should be in good condition and if you don't like it, you should be able to return/exchange it (assuming you purchased from a major retailer).
  5. I , too, am in southern Indiana...far away from ANY store that sells Balenciaga! I have mostly ordered from Bal NY, but I really wish Saks would carry them!! I can't wait for a trip I have planned to Vegas just to shop for Balenciaga!! I think we all need to meet at Keystone to cry. :cry:
  6. ^^^BMac, if you are in southern Indiana, then you are probably close to Cincinnati - another no-Balenciaga city. :sad:
  7. Yes, LovelyGarments, I am in the middle of Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville, KY - all NO Bal cities!!! I NEED to take a drive up to Chicago!!