Seeking any and all info on Chanel reissue.

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  1. I have been reading a smattering of information on the Chanel reissue here and there and would like to consolidate what everyone knows or wishes to offer on one thread so I can add this information to my quest. I know there are still a few out there, I would like any information as to where, which size is best, price, color, and whether it is true that more colors will be coming out or whether that was a false rumor. Also, is this bag worth all the hype? Is it truly a classic purchase one can never regret? Any information on pricing also helpful, and if anyone has this bag, what can you stuff inside which size?
  2. as of 2 days ago, hawaii had the last one in the large in gray. try NM though, for the fall there will be mocha and a burgundy red i forgot what they are calling it. there will be a third color but the sa could not tell me.

    the large is the best value for the size. the small looks more for evening. the large is more versatile with the sophistication:love: . good luck.
  3. Looked at a medium in black today at NM in BH. Gorgeous bag!!! :love:
  4. Neiman Marcus in Short Hills, NJ had the grey re-issue about 3 weeks ago. It was in the display case.
  5. As of Saturday, NM in Palo Alto has the black with gold chain in both the small and medium. Small is $1895 (not sure) and medium is $1995. The small is too small for me, med was just right as an evening bag. My SA put it on hold for me till Sunday but I decided not to get it. I'm not a Chanel type of person and I only want to spend that much money on something I can use everyday. I like putting a lot of mileage on my bags. The one selling point for me is that it really is timeless.
  6. I'm telling you, if you have a tough time finding a bag, call Palo Alto NM. They always seem to have everything in stock.
  7. does anyone know the prices for the 226 and 227? TIA!
  8. They seem to not have the ones I want though. :sad2: I always end up getting my bags at either Nordstrom or SF NM.
  9. I forgot to add that they don't have the reissue on display. You need to ask for them.
  10. I have the 227. It was $2090.
  11. The Neiman in Plano, TX at the Shops at Willowbend had a Lg and Med in black and grey 2 weeks ago.
    While pretty, I don't personally see how they're any more special than any other Chanel bag{?}

    I tried both on, and both were displayed. The Medium felt and looked better on me, but there's NO way I could carry a bag that small.