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  1. I am having my eye on the cassandre lisse quilted satchel in beige or black but I have my concerns about the the leather and the color,,,
    here is a picture for it from

    I am really loving this bag and I can't stop thinking of it :loveeyes::heart: however, I haven't owned an YSL before and I read some posts about Saint Laurent leather sensitivity for scratches, cracking,,etc..Also, as I am preferring the beige leather color, I am afraid that it will be much more exposed to damages and getting darkening while wearing dark clothes...
    So I am seeking your advice here about this bag and the color ... I am really looking for it as a bag that I can wear daily, and not to worry about wearing dark colors or being too cautious....
    I would also appreciate it if you shared your experience with SL leather :biggrin:

    excuse my English ;)
  2. Hi there!

    If you like the bag, then you should buy it. But, you must be careful to not wear it with dark colors (if that will be a problem) or clean it regularly to prevent color transfer from dark clothes. I had a calfskin YSL bag in a similar color and the leather was perfection. No denim transfer issues at all. Do you know what leather this is?

    I must confess that while I like the color, I do not like this bag.

    Anyway, best of luck!
  3. Pls help me authenticate this ysl cabas! Thanks!

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  4. Thank you for your comment..
    Its a 100% calf skin MATELASSÉ leather and I just found in the website that It comes in either textured or smooth leather...