Seeking advice..

  1. I will try to make this short...

    I closed a business and have been trying to change my career in to doing skin care therapy, basically I am an Aesthetician. Well, my first job I got hired on at a new local spa...turns out the owners had no business sense and talked trash about everyone in the spa industry:wtf: From the first day to the last second that I was there I new it was not a good match for me. I could not stand the way they talked about everyone and felt my name would go down with them and I would get a bad reputation. Plus, the 50 yr old owner acted like she was 15, didn't know anything about the business and tried to "train" us her way....a total disaster! Basically it was the job from hell and I ended up just walking out one day after a ridiculous incident on the owners part in front of a client, I just could not take it anymore....

    Okay, so this girl who was working there.....I will call her Jill....quit on the same day for a totally different reason. We were not in on a "plan" or anything to walk out together or quit at the same time....well of course it looked that way. She walked out 1 hour after I did and was not even there when I quit. She had no idea why I had walked out or when I did, she just knew that I had quit. Jill is a very sweet girl but she has no spine, she just cannot stick up for herself at all.

    Two weeks after my last day I got a letter that said the spa was not going to pay me for my last two days of emplyoment and they were going to charge me for services I received during the training period....yeah and that I had received money that kept me in a 30 day contract that they were deducting from my pay as well. First off, they cannot do either I did not sign anything. I called them raised H*ll and am getting my $.

    Jill got the same letter and since she has no spine she will not call, instead she writes them a letter and blamed me for her quiting!!!!!!:cursing: I could not beleive it.....I am so done with her.

    Here is my dilema....I have a shot at a wonderful Med spa. And before the whole letter incident I had told Jill that the spa was looking for a few more Aestheticians and told her she should send in her resume. Also, during my meeting with the director I told her that I had a friend who was looking for a job...she said "great, tell her to fax her resume directly to me and put that you (meaning myself) recommended her. So I did.

    My problem is that now she could possibly be considered for a position at my dream job. I do not want to work with her or even see her again. I want to take back my recommendation for her. I know the director pretty well, but I do not want to start any drama before I even start working there.

    Any suggestions on a tackful way of handling this? I cannot go back to working in an unprofessional environment. :confused1:
  2. ^^ I don't think there is any way that you can "take back" your recommendation without looking tacky and unprofessional and starting tbhe drama that you don't want.

    What you can do is remain professional and if Jill is hired give her another chance.

    Either she will behave better or she will not keep the job, but either way it will not be your problem unless you let it be.

    Sorry for the convoluted grammar -- got a flu thing:sad:
  3. You know, you are right I should just let things happen. Her true colors will show through...thanks for the advice Robyn!!!
  4. You *could* talk to your superiors and explain that you have some mixed feelings about this person in hindsight, and that you just want to give them a head's up. Sometimes people get scared in situations where they are bullied (like it sounds like you were in) so maybe what she did is not really representative of her character. You could explain that and say that if things go sour, you just wanted them to know that you were not blindly endorsing this person, or anyone for that matter.
  5. I wouldn't talk about her any more. Take the higher road, work hard, and be the best that you can be! Because she blamed you in her letter you can take it as she is immature or didn't know how to take on the situation. If you want in a few weeks, once the drama has cooled off a bit, try talking to her and ask her about this situation. Assumptions can often lead to more misunderstandings and problems.
  6. Yes, take the high road. Don't say a word about Jill.

    Instead, send a handwritten note thanking the potential employer for interviewing you and why your skills make you a perfect fit for the job. A simple notecard will be perfect. Nothing fancy or cutesy.

    Very few interviewees at the entry level do this while with professional people it is expected. This card will make you stand out.

    I suggest you drop the note-in-envelope off at the front desk so you don't waste time on waiting for the post office to deliver it.

    Good luck!
  7. I agree with taking the high road. This is one of those times that the less you say, the better it is.

    If Jill is hired, I would not bring up the past at all. If she does, I would firmly tell her something like "Jill, I am not going to have a conversation with you about X, let's move on and make Med Spa a great place for our customers".
  8. If she is spineless then she most likely is also harmless and you may not respect her but she most likely would not make your work envionrment unpleasant.
  9. I would do nothing. Just hope that she doesn't get the job.

    There is really nothing you could say now to them that wouldn't look very strange after you already recommended her. Kwim?
  10. Thank you all so much! I appreciate your advice...I have come to terms that I cannot do anything about it & to say something would be a step backward. As far as her getting the job, same thing...I will take the high road and just forget about the situation but I will not be doing her any favors any more.
    Thanks again!

  11. This is a great suggestion! And if Jill is now casting you as villainess in her drama, it's not likely she will be sending resumes in to the place you are likely to go next, much next mentioning your name. So put that in the cross that bridge when box, and if she actually should appear there, go with the excellent high road, say nothing advice that several have suggested, and put your resources and focus into showing the owner of the dream job spa how fabulous you are!