Seeking advice: which Chloe to choose?


Which Chloe?

  1. Patent Raisin Betty

  2. Black Paddy Hobo

  3. Mousse Paddy Tote

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  1. Hi everyone -

    I'm kindly seeking your opinions on a larger Chloe bag. I'm liking 3 right now...and can't make up my mind. I have a Blue Nuit Paddy and also rotate between my bright Balenciagas.

    The options are:

    Betty in Raisin Patent
    Paddy hobo in black with silver hardware
    Paddy tote, but in the gray/mousse color

    I am really digging the gray/mousse color and the black (LOVE the silver hardware on both, and the black looks very classic) but I also really love the raisin patent Betty, too, especially for autumn...

    What do you ladies think? TIA:flowers:
    raisin patent betty.jpg paddy hobo black silver.jpg paddy tote.jpg
  2. Hi Redney!

    I like the large paddington tote. The leather on paddingtons are sumptiously delicious. Betty's are cute but aren't as "signature" as the large paddy...and the leather isn't as nice. Don't get me wrong, Bettys are beautiful but they really don't compare to paddingtons.

    BTW, mousse is a GORGEOUS color. Very versatile and unique. :jammin:
  3. This was easy for me- MOUSSE! Especially since you already have blue nuit and bright colored b-bags. I also love the Betty, but nothing compares the the leather on the paddy! I love mine!

  4. I agree 100% with Jag...MOusse is the best! Got mine just few days ago and the color and leather is just INCREDIBLE!:yahoo: And one more thing, they don't have mousse/dove color that many out there, so if you could get your hands on one, it's definitely a keeper!:heart: And yes, Paddy is way more cute than Betty or Edith!
  5. I gonna go with mousse paddy! sounds wonderful!
  6. I saw the mousse tote at Neimies today and it was phenominal!!

    Of course, I am partial to the mousse already tho.
  7. Definitely the moose paddy tote! It's such a beautiful color and I like that style best. :yes:
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  8. Paddy tote in mousse is my vote :smile:
  9. Mousse is the best out of the three!! :yes:
  10. The mousse tote is BIG, like REALLY BIG - does that work for you? If I were playing it safe I'd stick with the paddy styles (and prefer the black tote for its styling and more practical size) but after seeing D&G's Black Betty I'm really loving the dark betty bag..... I say go for the Raisin Betty!
  11. Thank you everyone for your opinions (and sharing your Mousse love):heart: I'm still obsessing over the Mousse (and still also the raisin patent)...will letcha know what I decide! :flowers:
  12. Yes, redney, the large paddington is VERY large. Do you think you might like the regular medium size better?:shrugs:
  13. just a quick update - after thinking and thinking I decided to go with the MOUSSE TOTE!! I'm 5'7" and I just love the color and leather and it will be my first and only BIG bag.

    It'll be arriving soon and I'm so excited!! :yahoo:

    Thanks again for all of your advice and input!:flowers:
  14. Congrats and be sure to send plenty of pics!! :yes:

  15. Wow! Congrats!!:smile:
    Would love to see the pics darl!
    I've got a Mousse Paddy so we could be Chloe sista!;)