Seeking advice/opinions...

  1. Reposting as advised hopefully in the right section this time...

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a university student, on a budget, so it is not a regular occurrence for me to be able to purchase a new handbag.

    However, I have been saving, and now want to invest in a bag that will see me through 2007 (and hopefully longer).

    I would like something classic, but it also has to be practical. I adore fashion, but for a bag, I would like something timeless (and I can not afford a Birkin:s)

    The bags that appeal to me are;

    Yves Saint Laurent: Muse

    Balenciaga: Classique

    Chanel: 2:55

    Chloe: Paddington

    I love the 2:55, but I think it is too small to carry all my essentials around...(I'm a student, and I live in NYC).
    The other bags I like have been around for a year or two and I am worried that they have passed their prime and might look dated.

    Is there anything that is new that is fashionable as well as practical? Will any of these bags not look as though their moment has passed? Are they still good for 2007 + beyond?

    Any advice/opinions would be appreciated. As it is a big deal for me to be spending so much on a bag, I don't want to make a mistake...

    Help? I would love to know what your favorite bag is (please include price) and it's pro/cons...

    Kind regards,

  2. I like the Muse and think it's a classic shape. don't know much about the Balenciaga. You think the 2.55 Chanel may be too small; if you ever do get the chanel, the caviar leather wears better than the smooth lambskin. Of these, the Paddy is the one I think is trendy and may look dated. Plus, aren't they quite heavy?

    My favorite bag is the BV woven hobo, about $1600. Pros: they hold a lot, are classic and understated, easy on the shoulder (at least for me),the leather is so soft and they just get softer with age. Cons would be price, and the unstructered interior--it can be hard to find something inside.

    good luck!
  3. Can't you get a bigger Chanel?
    There's several sizes of Classic Flaps and Reissues:yes:
  4. If you want a classic bag, you will want Chanel. The Chanel reissue 2.55 sounds like a great decision. Not only because this model has been out there for a long time, but because it is a bag that will go well in any occassion!

    I would stay away from the Muse, the Paddington, and the Classique for Balenciaga. Those are way too trendy to be classic.
  5. I agree that a bottega woven has a fresh look but in a fun color looks amazing. I just got an orange on sale and I can not take it off. I do love my paddingtons but some think it is over. I think I will keep mine for a while. How about a speedy 25? maybe in damier? good for day and night? I am a total fan on the azur but some do not like it. I just got a 255 but i cna not fit everything for day in it
  6. Thanks for the advice. I really do love the look of BV bags too...

    How much would a slightly larger classic looking Chanel cost in US$ Swanky Mother of Three?
  7. Anja, if you are leaning towards Chanel, go over to their forum and look around or post your question. they can probably answer all your questions. You can never go wrong with Chanel. Yesterday in Tyson's Galleria I saw a middle 20's woman with a classic Chanel flap bag on her shoulder (black) and it really caught my eye--it was gorgeous.
  8. louis vuitton bh, or speedy 30. timeless, classic, comfy, recognizable, fits you whole life into it and has a great resale value if you have to!