Seeking advice on selling and/or consigning jewelry

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  1. Hello! I have 3 Cartier love bracelets, but I hate wearing 3 at once and am just ready to let one go.

    *I am not soliciting buyers whatsoever just looking for advice.

    I have sold bags on eBay and with a couple consignment shops, but I am very wary of attempting to sell something so expensive on eBay after having read some of the tales here on this forum of things gone wrong.

    I submitted the bracelet for an offer through a popular consignment place, but they primarily deal with bags, not jewelry. The range they gave me for potential consignment price after fee was large. Not the price, but the range, and that made me a little concerned.

    Anyway, just looking for advice. What would you do? Is there a particular consignment place that you trust the most? A huge thank you in advance!!
  2. Hi!
    Please always search first, there's threads about selling our jewelry already :ty:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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