Seeking Advice on Dog Treats

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  1. Hi Everyone! I have 2 super fabulous goldendoodles who are 3 and 4 years old and have no health issue and they pretty much eat everything no problem. However, recently I purchased one of those decorated doggies cookies (the ones with icing on it) for my dogs and both of them have diarrhea after.

    Have you experienced this? The ingredients are basically pumpkin and flour so it should be okay. However, i'm not too sure what's the ingredient is for the icing. I assume it's dog friendly?

    Would love to hear from you!!!

    I dont want to freak out if this is not a known problem, maybe it's just the first time my dogs have "colourful" treats......?

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  2. I used to give my dogs those kinds of dog cookies, and she was fine. Clearly something in those cookies was off, but if the diarrhea has cleared up, I would think they'd be okay. Once in a while something my dog eats will give her the runs. Though not lately, because the poor old lady is on a very strict diet.
  3. Pumpkin can be used in small doses as a treatment for constipation, so if your dogs were OK before, the pumpkin may have caused the diarrhea. Or it could be the icing but it’s impossible to say without knowing what’s in it. Are the dogs OK now? I’d stay away from those treats in the future!
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  4. Yeah the pumpkin will do it. But sometimes simply adding a new food to a dog's diet, even a small amount, will throw off their digestion and cause diarrhea. I would avoid the cookies in the future.
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  5. I am usually pretty careful with what i give to my dogs but those cookies were too adorable and it was for a birthday so i thought i'll give it a try :sad:
  6. Yes they are okay now! I gave them a bland meal (chicken and rice) for a day and they were back to normal. And yes i will stay away from those from now on and will look for other "celebration" alternative :smile: Thank you!!!
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  7. I'll definitely avoid them!!! I do think it's the icing because normally they are okay with pumpkin. I just read online that icing used on dogs are normally made with yogurt chips and there's sugar and some unknown chemical in it. :sad:
  8. That's so true, I had forgotten. When my dog was constipated due to a medication, I gave her pumpkin to ease her symptoms.
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