seeking advice on best place to take my classic flap for repair

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  1. As you can see in the pics below, stitches are coming out on the leather that's woven through the chain of my classic flap. :sad: I purchased the bag at NM about three years ago, and have probably only carried it (very carefully I might add) about a dozen times; no more than 20 tops.

    Anyway, I'm looking for advice on where to take my bag for repairs. I've read mixed reviews here in this subforum about the quality of repair service and length of time it takes for repairs at both Chanel boutiques and at NM. Should I try one of them? Or since the repair is relatively minor, should I just take it to a local cobbler/leather repair place, or even send it to lovinmybags? I'm looking for the highest-quality work, the price doesn't matter.

    TIA for your suggestions. :flowers:



    Chanel repair1.JPG Chanel repair2.JPG Black caviar Chanel Classic Flap.JPG
  2. I had exactly the same problem with my caviar flap, so I took it to a Chanel Boutique where they repaired it for free. It was away for about 3 weeks.
  3. For a minor minor repair (loose stitching on the strap), take it to Chanel Boutique or NM. I don't know about NM, but Chanel would take it to their local leather shop to do the repair work. That's what they did to mine.
  4. Take it to Chanel first.
  5. Yup, this is what BH NM and Chanel Boutique do unless it's a repair that requires being sent to France. I now have the names of the two leather repair shops in BH so take my repairs directly to them.

    if you still have your receipt (or use the same SA) take it back to NM and have them repair it -- you might not get charged.

    Good luck!
  6. i would take it to chanel.
  7. i have a similar problem too, the stitching inside my medium flap is loosening...and i only had it for 3 wks!!!! i dont have a chanel here in ottawa, so i guess going to a good leather repair shop is the best??
  8. Thanks to everyone who responded. Seems like the consensus is that I should just take it to Chanel directly. I was a bit concerned about that option, because I've read here on tPF about Chanel taking 3 months to repair bags--or even losing bags!
  9. Take it to chanel boutique, if they lost your bag, it's their full responsibility to locate your bag or even to get a new bag for you.

    I do saw mine, a few stiches does feel like it's loosening. I think I'll need to be more careful already.
  10. I would take it to Chanel. My fear in taking it somewhere else would be that they make it worse, and Chanel saying they won't fix it after that.
  11. Are you in the NYC area? There is an excellent repair place there. I took mine and it was done in 5 minutes and cost $20.

    EDITED: oh I see you are in D.C. Im sure a local reputable cobbler would be fine. Its just a few stitches and the will probably have it ready same day as opposed to Chanel having to send it out.
  12. I would take it to Chanel first but doesn't Lovin My Bags also do repairs?